Useful Web Resources to Help Your Personal Finance Journey in New Zealand

Welcome to my Useful Web Resources Page- a place were I collect websites and resources that I find useful.

Kiwisaver Resources

Mindful Money to figure out how ethical you investing is

Want to Invest ethically with your KiwiSaver? Check out Mindful Money to see if your KiwiSaver Fund is investing responsibly. They make it easy to check if you KiwiSaver might be investing in weapons, fossil fuels, gambling, or pornography.

Kiwisaver Fund Finder to get your Kiwisaver Sorted

Paying too much in Fees for you Kiwisaver? There are literally hundreds of Kiwisaver funds for you to choose from. So how do you compare? You can use Sorted Kiwisaver Fund finder to compare performances, fees, and services they provide. I recommend going with one of the low fee options like Simplicity, Juno, or Superlife.

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Looking to teach their kids about money in a fun and efficient way?  I definitely recommend MoneyTime for any family. MoneyTime helps your child to learn the specifics around key financial concepts that are devoid in our education system. And, if you use my link you can get 25% off!

Investment Resources and News

Top New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for Kiwis

MoneyHub is one of the best resources out there! They have a large selection of well-written articles and reviews on New Zealand’s investment services. They are arguably the hub for info about money in NZ, they also have awesome coverage of personal finance topics outside investing, like mortgages, travel, mobile phones, and cheaper living.

PocketWies is a Kiwi financial comparison site. PocketWise helps you easily compare NZ’s best mortgages, KiwiSaver funds, credit cards, personal loans and more, all in one place.

Tracking Investments and Spending

Morningstar is a well known Australian investment research firm. Their website is great for getting info on funds (including KiwiSaver funds). Just search the name of the fund you want to look at, and the site will show you some simple stats such as performance, fees, and unit prices.

Shareshight portfolio tracking

I use Sharesigh to keep track of the various shares. Sharesight allows you to track funds as well, but their real standout feature is automatic tracking of dividend income. Sharesight allows you to track up to 10 holdings for free.

If you need to track more than 10- use my link and receive 2 months free

Checking an Investment or Financial Service Provider

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is the New Zealand government agency responsible for enforcing securities, financial reporting and company law as they apply to financial services and securities markets. They also regulate securities exchanges, financial advisers and brokers, auditors, trustees and issuers – including issuers of KiwiSaver and superannuation schemes.

They have information and data for all Kiwisaver Funds, and updates and data from many non-Kiwisaver funds.

You can also find searchable lists of advisers on various professional adviser association websites and the NZX website. You can also talk to your existing financial services provider to see what they offer.

You can use the Financial Service Provider Register to search for a financial service provider (FSP) using their name or registration number. Search the FSPR to identify registered financial service providers (FSPs) and find out which services they’re registered or licensed to provide, their business address, whether they belong to a Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) and what the status of their registration is.

Search for information about registered financial service providers (FSPs) here.

Government Services

Top New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for KiwisTop New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for Kiwis

Get Your Finances Sorted. Sorted is a one-stop-shop to getting your finances sorted. They have a large number of useful guides and articles about money, investing, managing debt, and Kiwisaver. They offer a number of great tools, including the above mentioned Kiwisaver fund finder, but also Investor Kickstarter, Kiwisaver fee calculator, Smart Investor, Debt calculators, Mortgage calculators, and many more tools.

Financial Calculators,nz Personal Finance Website is one of the best sites around for calculating if you’re being paid correctly. It can calculate your take-home pay, KiwiSaver, Secondary Income Tax, Tax Codes, Networth, and it can even help you put a budget together. Basically- it’s a complete financial toolbox that lets you understand you financial health. is a veer useful site. They have many different calculators from Mortgage Calculators, to Credit Car Calculators, The real cost of debt, Savings and Retirement Calculators. They also provide a table of term deposit rates and current mortgage rates. Apart from that, they’re an amazing news site for articles about money and the economy.

Top New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for KiwisTop New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for Kiwis has created New Zealand’s largest collection of calculators answering many of the common questions that people have. Mortgage calculator, financial calculators, tax calculators- you name it- they have a calculator for it.

Credit Car Comparisons

If you are shopping around for a credit card and can handle the responsibility of owning one, i.e. paying it off in full every month then visit Credit cards compare NZ. They are an absolutely free credit card comparison website. They are the only dedicated credit card comparison website in New Zealand. Each year they help thousands of Kiwis find the best credit card in NZ to suit their needs.

Resolving Financial Disputes

The Banking Ombudsman is a free and independent dispute resolution service. They look into complaints by customers about their banks. Sometimes they make formal decisions, but often they facilitate outcomes favourable to the customer. They also help in other ways, such as offering information and guidance on personal banking.

The Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman resolve complaints about insurance and financial services. They provide an external disputes resolution service for consumers with complaints about their financial services providers. Financial service providers are required to belong to a dispute resolution scheme.

Financial Dispute Resolution Service helps resolve complaints between consumers and their financial service providers. They are an independent dispute resolution service that is free for consumers. They make it easier for consumers and financial service providers to resolve their disputes and move forward.

New Zealand Finance Forums

The subreddit Personal Finance New Zealand is a great place to discuss investing and personal finance in NZ. There are some reputable Redditors who hang out there and can help answer your questions- but always search the subreddit first- 9 times out of 10- someone else has already asked the question you have before.

Please let me know if you know of any other services or resource that you find useful and haven’t been included!