KiwiSaver: The Key to Your Retirement

One of the first things you need to get sorted is your Kiwisaver. KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based investing scheme set up by the government with a range of benefits. But there is more for you to do than just sign up to Kiwisaver.

Here are some recent blog articles related to KiwiSaver that will get you started.

How Can You Change Your KiwiSaver Provider?

How Can You Change Your KiwiSaver Provider

When you join KiwiSaver, you are automatically assigned a default provider if you don’t select a fund. But you don’t need to stick with this same provider. You can change your provider at any time. The best thing to do is spend some time choosing the KiwiSaver scheme that is right for you- which in the long run, you will…

Saving a Little Early is Better than Saving a Lot Later

Saving A Little Early Is Better Than Saving A Lot Later

At the beginning of each year, a lot of people make resolutions. You might think it’s silly, but there is some basis for it. Even though it is just the start of another year, the New Year is a way to trick our brains. It’s an anchor in time. Anchoring is a cognitive bias where you depend too heavily on…

InvestNow’s Flexible KiwiSaver Scheme Review

InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme A Truly Flexible KiwiSaver Option Review

InvestNow has been hinting about their move into offering a Kiwisaver scheme for some time now. And I was waiting to see what they were going to offer. The anticipation was that it would be similar to Superlifes scheme- where you can individually choose the allocation amount to different funds. But, InvestNow has the advantage of having funds from many…

kōura Wealth KiwiSaver Review

Koura Wealth Review

Kiwisaver is Kiwisaver right- it’s simple. It doesn’t really matter which provider you are with right? Well that’s not really true. For the majority of Kiwis, KiwiSaver is going to be vital for our retirement! And getting your KiwiSaver right should be high on your agenda- as it will make a huge different for your retirement. And because Kiwisaver is…

Do You Have a Vision for Your Retirement?

Do you have a dream for early retirement

Do you dream about early retirement? The definition of retirement is the action of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. That is why the term retirement and financial independence are often used interchangeably. Both, retirement and financial independence, are achieved when you have enough retirement savings and investment incomes or NZ super to cover your expenses. The History of…

Get Your Personal Finances Sorted in Five Stages

Get your personal finance sorted in 5 stages

It takes time to get your personal finances sorted. And often you don’t know where to start. And the thing is that no one can really show you how you should sort your personal finance, after all, personal finance is exactly that- Personal. However, there are several key stages in personal finance that you do need to get sorted. These…

A lesson Learnt: Emergency Funds and Risk Tolerance

A Lesson Learnt in Emergency Fund -And Risk Tolerance

There are some things in life that you can only truly learn through experience. Right now, what the world is teaching us (at least in terms of personal finance, there are many other lessons being taught too) is just how important it is to figure out our risk tolerance- and the need to have an emergency fund. It’s not that…

10 Steps Needed to Achieve Financial independence in NZ

10 Steps Needed to Achieve Financial independence in NZ

If you’re like me, then you have a dream to become financially independent- it’s an admirable goal. But why do so few people actually become financially independent in New Zealand? Financial independence doesn’t happen overnight- and that’s where the problem lies. It takes a detailed plan and years of willingness to commit to the plan before you financially become financially…

How Long Does It Take To Switch Your kiwisaver

How Long Does It Take To Switch Your KiwiSaver

Now some of you might already know that I decided, back in August, that it was time to move my KiwiSaver fund away from the big bank and high fees and switch to a low fee provider. I decided this after looking into a few low fee KiwiSaver providers and decided Superlife was for me. I like to be hands-on…

Juno vs. Simplicity vs. Superlife Kiwisaver Funds

juno superlife simplicity kiwisaver review comparison

Getting your KiwiSaver sorted is one of the most crucial aspects of your personal finance for Kiwis. I’ve previously written about different aspects of Kiwisaver- about some of the myths around KiwiSaver, and the downsides of KiwiSaver. But, I’ve never really looked into some KiwiSaver providers. The default funds that you are automatically enrolled in once you sign up usually…

The Downsides of Kiwisaver- What You Need to Know

The down side to KiwiSaver What you need to know

Are there any downsides to KiwiSaver? Don’t get me wrong- I do believe that KiwiSaver has its place, and if you are a salary earner you should be enrolled and contributing. It’ll be the best return on an investment you will ever get! I’ve already done a post about what I think is wrong with Kiwisaver. That points out the…

Are you living, or Just Existing?

Are you living, or Just Existing. How many free years do you really have on this earth

Ever since I did the post about The Cost of Holding a Job, I’ve been thinking about life. When people say they have been thinking about their life they usually refer to what they want to do in life. They might want to spend life perusing a career, having a family, or travelling, or just doing leisure activities they enjoy….

The Shockingly Simple Maths – Simulations

The Shockingly Simple Maths – Anecdotal Evidence

Last week I said that the what started my journey to financial freedom was reading the post the shockingly simple maths behind retiring early from Mr Money Mustache. When I read that somehow everything seemed to click for me. It all just boils down to your savings rate. However, lately, I have been reading some post stating that in reality,…

What to do in a Falling Market?

What to do in a falling stock market

Recently, the stock market hasn’t been doing so well. Businesses around the world, like Apple and Kathmandu, are announcing disappointing sales. Just go look at your kiwisaver balance. You might find that it has decreased in value slightly. The question is, what should you do with your investments when the market is falling? Specifically, your investments in stocks. Several months…

November 2018 Spending and Investment Report

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

It’s December already. How it is December already? The year is speeding by and it’s nearly time to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. It’s also the start of summer, but for three days now all I have seen is rain. I don’t handle being cooped up in the house when it is raining on the weekend. I’m…

Will You Be Happier If You Work Till You Die?

Will You Be Happier If You Work Till You Die?

Lately, this Suze Orman character, someone I’ve never heard of, started telling people they will be happier if they work till they die.  Not exactly in those words, but close enough. She does not think the average person can achieve FIRE. And to be honest, the normal person can’t if they were to live like her. Take her opinion on…

KiwiSaver Myths, Busting the Big Misconceptions

Common Kiwisaver Myths that still exist.

The markets have been a bit shaky at the moment. And now everyone is talking about what’s happening with their KiwiSaver. Your KiwiSaver might have recently seen a decrease in value if you have some proportion of in investing in the stock market. Whenever I talk to people about KiwiSaver, talking to friends and family, colleagues, and even strangers waiting…

Why Do We Fantasize About The End of the World?

The end of the world is near. Are you prepared?

Every day, there seems to be another prediction on when and how the world will end. Maybe it will be destroyed by asteroids, or mankind will release numerous nuclear weapons and initiate the dreaded mutually assured destruction.  A zombie virus might break out, or global warming destroys the planets ability to sustain life.  The blood moon may signal the second…

Why do we FIRE

What are the motivations for you to become financial independent and retire early?

Everyone has different motivations behind why they want to become financially independent and retire early. Working towards financial independence is an admiral goal. And one of the first steps is to really know why you are doing it. Knowing why you want to become financially independent will help motivate you. Help you stick the course. Help you realise there is…

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