About Passive Income NZ

Why are you here?

Maybe you’re here because you’re drowning in debt and you feel stuck. You’ve tried budgeting strategies, but nothing seems to work. Maybe you’re here because you’ve started to invest but aren’t sure if you’re doing the right things. Or maybe you want to find a place where you can discuss money openly. Maybe you’re here because your job is taking the joy out of life. You want to get on the journey to financial independence and retire early.

Whatever reason you have for being here, Welcome to Passive Income NZ

Passive Income NZ is where I share my journey to financial independence through investing and generating passive income so that you can fast track your own journey. I believe that you have the means to build passive income. I want to help you achieve financial independence by learning from my successes and mistakes.  

Sure, I’ll cover the basics of investing- but I’ll also show you how you can make tiny changes, RIGHT NOW, that will help you live a better, happier, and more deliberate life. I’ll also go into deep dives and help you develop the Passive Income NZ mindset, which leads to adopting investing habits that will reshape your life. I’m want to show you that you can invest to the point where your passive income becomes greater than your salary, allowing you to retire early.  

My Passive Income NZ Journey

My journey towards financial independence started in 2011. I was 22 years of ages, finished my bachelor’s degree, and then a Masters degree. I started working full-time and found myself in debt- a lot of student loan debt. And then came the mortgage debt, both hanging over me. My goal is to wipe debt as fast as I can while trying to grow passive income simultaneously. To reach this goal, I knew that I had to work hard. I had to track my performance and reflect on how I was going.   

That is where Passive Income NZ comes in.  I started this blog to give myself some accountability. To focus my efforts. To really look at my spending and critic it. I thought I had been on the journey to financial independence for many years- although, in reality, I was lying to myself. Unless you really track your performance over time, you don’t know how far you have come.  

Passive Income NZ has changed over time, though. I now want to focus on helping you realise the power of passive income. I believe that you can save money to grow your passive income while still enjoying their lives. They are not mutually exclusive. You have to choose areas where you can sacrifice a bit of instant gratification to build your passive income stream over time.  

A bit about me, I am an introvert who loves data. I get excited about tracking my spending and forecasting my rate of return. It’s been a struggle, but I managed to pay off my student loan and paid down more than half of the mortgage. But its not just about money- it’s about what money can give you. And what money gives me is the opportunity to travel to amazing places.

But in reality, I’m just a Kiwi who has learned about money through doing. And you can do it too!  

Passive Income NZ is my story, and I am happy you’re here to read it. But to get the most out of it, you should join me on a journey to financial independence. Use the Send me a Message button below to get in touch. You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter. All messages are greatly appreciated, but I cannot give any personalised financial advice.