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Welcome to the Passive Income NZ Offers and Deals page. I’m lucky to partner up with some great brands to support my website and offer deals that save you some cash and support me at the same time.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through.

Track Your Money

Tracking your spending is not for everyone. After all, it is personal finance and you can personally do it how you like. I, personally use Pocketsmith to track my income and expenses.

After years of using spreadsheets, I couldn’t handle it any more. That’s why I investigated what was out there that could automate the process. That’s how I landed on PocketSmith. Everything is now automated and they are a New Zealand based business, that integrates with New Zealand banks!

They make tracking your finances easy! Linking up with all the major New Zealand banks to import your translations. Automatic rules to categorize your transactions, budgeting features, and a net-worth tracker! The best thing is that their basic plan is FREE!

Want 50% off?

And Pocketsmith is offering readers of Passive Income NZ 50% off the PocketSmith Premium Monthly plan for the first two months. Use the code: 50OFFPREMIUM-F4RG to get 50% off the first two months! To use the discount coupon: Go to PocketSmiths plans page and set up a free account. When you’ve signed in, go to Settings > Subscriptions > Enter Coupon. Then, go to Account Overview where you will be prompted to enter your payment details.

Track Your Investments

Shareshight portfolio tracking

Are you a DIY investor who buys and sell stocks and index funds but struggle to track their performance? I use to use spreadsheets but then found Sharesight. I now use Sharesight to track how my shares are doing overtime- they even include dividend payments and can link up to most broker accounts.

Join for Free!

You can try Sharesight for FREE to track 10 holdings, but if you have more than 10 holdings, I have a special offer for Passive Income Readers. Get 4 months free off an annual premium plan using my link!

Car Insurance

Cove Insurance Logo

If you drive you should have car insurance- the problem is- it’s expensive. Not with Cove. Cove is an online base insurance company that lets you save on insurance premiums. And best of all they don’t charge any extra for paying monthly overpaying annually.

To save even more on car insurance by following these simple rules

  • Shop around
  • Increase your excess
  • Pay annually

First Month Free

I’ve done the work and Cove– an NZ based insurance company was the cheapest for everyday cars. The team at Cove has reached out and offered to pay for your first month of your car insurance if you decide to switch to them using my link. They’ll cover the first month (Up to $100), and they’ll even offer to help cancel your current car insurance policy.

Cove Car Insurance deal code

Transferring Money Internationally

Wise is the smartest way to send and receive money internationally.

If you’ve ever had to move money across boarders changes are you have been stung by hidden fees. Whether you’ve used your bank or another provider, they have most likely hidden in extra fee in the exchange rate. You probably didn’t even notice this extra fee– and that’s the whole point.

Wise is different. You always get the real exchange rate when you send money to over 70 countries. You pay one super-low fee and hold on to more of your hard-earned money.

Wise also also offers an easy alternative to opening a bank account in another country. Their multiple currencies account lets you hold up to 45 currency at once. And convert between them at any time.

Wise already has 6 million customers who save nearly 4 million dollars every day, including me, through bad rates and hidden bank fee- that’s almost $4 billion a year.

Try Wise today- and start saving on exchange fees. Their pricing is low, clear and transparent- about 8 times cheaper than traditional banks. And they move money at speeds that where previously thought impossible.

Get the real exchange rate and fare fees

Teaching Your Children Financial Literacy

Teaching kids about money is essential. Financial literacy is one of the key skills for a good life – it really can be the difference between a comfortable life with all your needs met, or becoming stuck in a debt spiral.

Teaching kids about money is important, but can often be challenging. That’s where MoneyTime comes in. MoneyTime is an online financial literacy program for children ages 10 to 14. Their Program can teach your children the skills they need to become financially independent. And MoneyTime is New Zealand based, so you can avoid teaching them specifics about the New Zealand financial system.

25% Discount

MoneyTime has offered a 25% discount on their online learning program if you use my affiliate link so you can invest in your child’s future.

Consolidating Debt

When you are debt the best plan of action is to consolidate your debts and pay them off as fast as possible. Consolidating the debts will often allow you to get a better interest rate, and hence allow you to pay off your debt faster.

If you need to start off your personal finance journey by consolidating and paying off your debt, consider getting a peer to peer loan from Leaning Crowd.

They offer personal loans from as low as 6.89%, which is a much better interest rate than many other personal loans and credit cards.

Investing In NZ

On your journey to financial freedom, you will need to invest. Investing more in your KiwiSaver than the minimum to get the tax credit is not necessarily a good idea. This is because that money is locked away until you are 65.

There are a number of other options for investing in New Zealand outside your KiwiSaver account. You could open a private account with a kiwisaver provider which mimics your KiwiSaver, or you could choose a provider which offers you access to several low-cost index funds.

Investing Platforms, Brokers, and Fund Managers

InvestNow is great if you are looking for a diverse range of funds. Both active and passive funds. It’s a great place to start as it has a low entry point and no fees. This is personally what I am using.

Do fees on Index funds really matter when it comes to investing?

Simplicity is a kiwisaver and investment fund manager which is Not-for-profit, has the lowest fees and 100% online aiming to give you 100% transparency.

Sharesies is an investment platform giving anyone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with Millions. They offer a range of funds and companies to invest in. ETFs and individual companies directly on the NZX.

Hatch is Kiwi Wealth’s digital investment platform. Hatch gives you easy and affordable access to the US share markets by partnering with DriveWealth, a US broker-dealer and member of SIPC. They can give you direct access to many of the big ETF funds

Do fees on Index funds really matter when it comes to investing?

SuperLife offers Kiwisaver and a range of diversified and ethical investment funds. They believe in a passive investment approach achieves a better long term result

SmartShares offers access to a large selection of global and domestic Exchange-traded funds across the main investment asset classes of Cash, Bonds, Shares and Property

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