My Favourite Kiwi Money and Personal Finance Podcasts

Everyone might find themselves with a lot of time on their hands currently. So why not spend some time learning. I love learning. I’m a life-long learner. Ever since I can remember, I loved learning about things and ideas.

I continued to learn as I grew. I went to university and then post-graduate degree, followed on with a 4-year registrar position. That’s an extra 9 years of study after I left high school! And even beyond that, every year, I attend at least two professional learning events.

But I don’t just love learning for my career; I love learning about new ideas and learning new topics outside of work. But I’ve never been a good reader- which might explain why I find writing so hard.

So instead of reading, I’ve started to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.

I find it hard to find time to read- and since I’m a slow reader, it takes me a long time to finish a book. So the audio version is well suited to me. Reading a physical book and listening to the audiobook are two different versions of the same thing. Each creates differing experiences and memories, but neither is better or worse than the other.

The one thing I love with audiobooks and podcasts is that I can multi-task. I can listen to them while I bike to work, I can listen to them while I mow lawns or other housework. When my partners late from work, I can listen to them while cooking. When I’m woodworking in the shed, sometimes, I listen to them at work when it’s slow- but don’t tell them that.

I’ve learned a lot through listening to podcasts.

And since it’s often hard to find a good podcast to listen to, I thought I’d share my favourites with you. This list is by no means all the podcasts I have to listen to, just my favourites. I’ve probably listened to twice as many as are on this list.

NZ Money and Personal Finance Podcasts

I listen to many money and personal finance podcasts- after all- I do have a blog about money so I must be interested in money. I’m interested in more than just investing and saving thought, I’m fascinated by the bigger picture of money and how it affects everything and everyone lives.

I generally still learn something about my own personal finance from these podcasts. And since there are only a few NZ based money or personal finance podcast I thought I’d start with those.

  • The Happy Saver Podcast — Who doesn’t love to learn about how fellow kiwis manage their personal finance and live their lives? We often don’t talk about money in NZ so it’s refreshing to be able to learn from others experiences. Always learn something new from the personal stories shared by Ruth on the Happy Saver podcast.
  • Your Money with Mary holme — Not a true podcast but a rebroadcast of a radio segment. Mary Holm, a financial journalist, discusses many different topics in personal finance to Jesse Mulligan. Both down to earth and explain concepts clearly. Great resources mentioned for Kiwis. Some episodes are aimed at beginners, but still worth listening to as a refresher.
  • It’s No Secret — A Podcast with Cat and Christine from Kernel, where they discuss the ins and outs of all things money, property, investing and building wealth.
  • 2 Cents Worth — A podcast about NZ business and economy focusing on how they affect your back pocket. Asking questions like why are there so many barbers popping up in our cities, or exploring the effects of the recent plastic bag ban. Episodes are slightly longer than other podcasts- 20 to 30 minutes. Usually, one big topic, followed by a group discussion on recent developments in NZ.
  • Everyday NZ Investor — is about explaining investments, investment properties and business stuff so that you can understand what’s happening in the financial world. This is the podcast I first heard the investment strategies of the Juno and PIE fund manager, Mike Taylor, which was quite fascinating. Deep dives into housing, stock, and bitcoin investing from an NZ perspective. Well worth a listen- 30-minute+ episodes.
  • Cooking the Books — One of my all-time favourite NZ personal finance podcasts. Frances provides an entertaining and very knowledgeable podcast on so many financial elements that are relevant to every New Zealander: KiwiSaver/Shares/Mortgages/Side hustles. Currently exploring a mini-series on mortgages in NZ. Entertaining and insightful.
  • Planet Money — They are American but generally have interesting and obscure topics. Great production quality and are just long enough for my bike to work- around 20 minutes. This podcast has some great insights into how money works and what effects it can have. I learn a lot from them, even though they are American.

Informative/Entertaining Podcasts

I don’t just listen to New Zealand money and personal finance podcasts. There are a number of other entertaining podcasts in my library. These are my favourite informative and entertaining podcasts that I recommend.

  • Freakonomics — My all-time favourite- highly recommend it. They have a great way of looking at the “hidden side of everything” You won’t find a better podcast that will get you thinking in a new way. Almost always learn something new with every episode.
  • Reply all — A podcast primarily about the internet’, that is actually quite an original exploration of modern life and how to survive it. I’ve only recently discovered it and have binged all 150 or so episodes. Something fascinating in every episode- probably aimed at Millenials and younger.
  • Science vs. — I take on the big topics, fads, and controversies of today, but checks whether or not the science backs them up. They blow up many firmly held opinions and replace them with science. I learn something interesting with most episodes.
  • Every Little Thing — A factual podcast that tries to answer questions you’ve always had about everything. Like learning that the riskiest part of air travel is actually touching the tray tables.
  • Worklife with Adam Grant — More of a podcast to try and get a professional edge with my career- fascinating insights into workplace psychology and how to get ahead. Recommend if you are trying to get ahead in your career.

Current Affairs Podcast

Beyond Kiwi personal finance and money podcasts, and entertainment podcasts, I listen to a two NZ current affairs podcast.

  • The Detail — a daily news podcast which takes a closer look at the big news stories. I don’t often watch the news or read news sites so it’s a good way for me to keep up to date with what’s been happening with major issues that shape our country and can have huge consequences for our future. Always interesting and definitely learn something with each episode. Short 15 minute episodes.
  • Focus on Politics — I’ve recently started to get more involved with politics in this country- there are many issues that don’t currently seem to get addressed. The way in which these issues will get addressed is if everyone has their say. This podcast gives you a weekly analysis of what’s been going on in New Zealand political world. Can be dry at times, but overall very good if you’re interested in politics- 15-minute episodes.

So those are my favourites! Do you have any recommendation on podcasts I should listen to? I’m always on the lookout for new podcasts, especially NZ personal finance and money podcasts. Always looking to add more to my library- I often run out of podcast to listen to.

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