Top 10 Kiwi Personal Finance Blogs In New Zealand

And other useful websites

Whether you are looking to further your financial education, seeking money motivation, or just sick of living paycheck to paycheck, there are some great New Zealand personal finance blogs and websites that can help you out.

The online personal finance community in New Zealand is still growing. There are now a dozen or so Kiwis sharing their money stories on their blogs. Go and check them out!

1. Passive Income NZ

NZ personal finance blog Passive Income NZ

That’s right- I’ve added my own blog to my list. I share my personal experience with investing and trying to build a passive income stream, with the ultimate goal of achieving what some might call barista FIRE.

2. The Happy Saver

The Happy Saver is about money, saving, managing money, living a good life and not working too hard. Great down-to-earth posts about personal finance in New Zealand

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Also, check out the Happy Savers podcast!

3. NZ Wealth and Risk

NZ Wealth and Risk is the personal blog of Sonnie Bailey. The blog is dedicated to savvy Kiwis who are engaged with their financial futures. The aim of his blog is to provide interesting and useful resources with no hidden agenda. 

4. Your Money Blueprint

Your Money BluePrint Nick started Your Money Blueprint after seeing people continue to make mistakes with money. He is dedicated to helping one person at a time become a better version of themselves through smart use of money

5. Money King NZ

Money King NZ is a blog by Kelvin, who is a self-taught NZ investor wanting to share his knowledge and experience with you with the ultimate aim of achieving financial independence.

7. Sam Harith – The Comic Accountant

The Comic Accountant is a Clog (comedic blog?) making accounting fun. Sam Harith believes everyone should have a basic knowledge of budgeting, banks, and taxes- and he delivers it in a fun and interesting way.

7. NZ Muse

NZ Muse is a blog about more than just money, it’s about the emotional side of money and how money affects your life. So many of us have unhealthy relationships with our finances, and with other people, at some point in our lives. Money can also seriously impact our personal relationships (saver married to a spender, holler). Like it or not, money underpins the capitalist society we live in.

8. Piki Living

Piki Living is a blog by a Filipino Family that migrated to New Zealand and started pursuing Financial Independence, Retire Early or FIRE, in 2018. Their goal is to encourage you with their perspectives and experiences so you can also improve your financial health.

9. The Smart and the Lazy

The Smart and the Lazy is a great blog to start with when learning about investing. There are some great number crunching posts and details explanations of investing and finance concepts. Sadly, the site is not active anymore- but still well worth a read. Start from the beginning and work your way through

10. Money can buy me Happiness

Money can buy me happiness is written by Emma, who is determined to find a version of financial freedom. She started her blog to share what she’s learned on her journey.

New Zealand Personal Finance Discussion Forums


r/PersonalFinanceNZ is a place to discuss personal finance for Kiwis. Discuss savings, investments, KiwiSaver, debt management, home loans, student loans, insurance, and anything else personal finance-related.

Kiwi Mustachian Facebook Group

A place for Kiwis to further discuss the Mustachianism way of life. There’s always an interesting discussion going on there.

Useful Kiwis Personal Finance Websites

Top New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for KiwisTop New Zealand Personal Finance Blogs for Kiwis is an informative website run by the commission for financial capability. They have great NZ personal finance resources, including tools, guides, and a blog.


MoneyHub is a great website giving you comprehensive information about Personal finance products in New Zealand. They have reviews of nearly every major personal finance and investing service in New Zealand. Well worth a read!


A financial comparison site. PocketWise helps you easily compare NZ’s best mortgages, KiwiSaver funds, credit cards, personal loans and more, all in one place.

Online Personal Finance Calculators for New Zealanders has created New Zealand’s largest collection of calculators, answering many of the common questions that people have. Mortgage calculators, financial calculators, tax calculators- you name it- they have a calculator for it.

PAYE is a super helpful online calculator which shows you exactly what your take-home pay will be. If you are considering a new job or trying to work out how much you get in the hand, check it out. They also have a detailed personal budget calculator and a savings calculator as well.

There are always more New Zealand Personal finance blogs and useful websites sprouting out of the internet- so if I have missed any, let me know so I can add it to my list.