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One of the hardest aspects of your personal finance is Investing. Investing is all about buying things that put money back into your pockets. Anyone can have an investment portfolio, whether it is in shares, index funds, real estate, bonds, cash, peer to peer lending, or even cryptocurrency- if that’s your thing.

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End of Year wrap up 2020

End of year wrap up passive income nz

2020 has come to an end. And what a year it has been. March tested our risk tolerance with a historic drop in world share markets of around 25%. Early in March, I had a look at past viral outbreaks and their effects on the share markets. There was a suggestion going around that pandemics and epidemics effects on the…

Saving a Little Early is Better than Saving a Lot Later

Saving A Little Early Is Better Than Saving A Lot Later

At the beginning of each year, a lot of people make resolutions. You might think it’s silly, but there is some basis for it. Even though it is just the start of another year, the New Year is a way to trick our brains. It’s an anchor in time. Anchoring is a cognitive bias where you depend too heavily on…

Smartshares Exchange Traded Funds: Understanding the Unit Price

SmartShares ETFs Unit Price why are they different to Vanguards or iShares

I’ve recently had a few email questions regarding Smartshares and their unit price, so I thought I would try to answer them here so that you can also get your head around how the Smartshare funds work. Again, I am not an expert- I’ve tried to answer these questions both from what I know, doing research, and just reaching out…

DIY Investment Services in NZ. What’s the difference between them?

DIY Investment Services In NZ. What's The Difference Between Them

The share market had one of it’s largest falls in a long time recently- and it has probably been a nervous time for many investors. When the market fell- I decided to do nothing and ride it out. And as I write this today my investments have bounced back up and past what they were pre-fall. All the volatility in…

Everyday Investment Advice: Is it Any Good?

Everyday Investment Advice: Is it Any Good? or is it bad to listen to common everyday investment advice

Sometimes it’s easier to identify bad advice than it is to identify good advice. I find this to be especially true when discussing investing in general- and even more so when talking about investing in shares or index funds. I thought I would discuss some of the advice I have come across over the years and share with you some…

Longheld Myths about the Share Market

Long Held beliefs about the sharemarket that are not true. Investing in New Zealand

Certain myths seem to persist over time. For instance- there’s the myth that there is a dark side to the moon. I blame Pink Floyd for this one! There is no dark side to the moon- it’s just the far side. Which has the same light and dark as the side we can see. The share market is like the…

Kernel Wealth Review- What you need to Know

Review of Kernel Wealth NZ new global funds

As you all know, I am an avid index investor. I’m generally interested in low cost, well-diversified index funds. There is a good deal of evidence out there that low-cost well-diversified index funds give you the best chance of getting a great return from the share market with little effort. No researching companies, or timing entry and exits of positions-…

Should You Pay Down the Mortgage Early or Invest Instead?


Whether you should pay down your mortgage faster, or invest instead, is one of the longest-running debates in personal finance. What should you do with any extra money that you might have- pay off your mortgage, or invest? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Sure, you can be completely analytical and run the numbers to get an…

Filing My Foreign Investment Fund Tax Return

Filing My Foreign Investment Fund Tax Return

31 March 2020 marked the end of the financial year for the year 2020 – which also means that in the next few months you will need to file taxes! Luckily, we have an easy tax system in New Zealand. For many people you who are on salaried wages, your tax is automatically done for you through PAYE (pay as you…

Where Should You Invest Your Hard Earned Money?

Where Should You Invest Your Hard Earned Money? advice for New Zealanders, Kiwis, and people from NZ

One of the most asked questions, when it comes to investing, is generally along the vein of “I have X amount of dollars, where should I invest it”. And it’s a hard question to answer with just that much information. There are two other pieces of information that you need to know when deciding where to invest your money. One…

Get Your Personal Finances Sorted in Five Stages

Get your personal finance sorted in 5 stages

It takes time to get your personal finances sorted. And often you don’t know where to start. And the thing is that no one can really show you how you should sort your personal finance, after all, personal finance is exactly that- Personal. However, there are several key stages in personal finance that you do need to get sorted. These…

AMP NZ Share index fund vs SmartShares NZ Top 50: Fee Update

AMP NZ Share Index Fund Vs SmartShares NZ Top 50

A little over two years ago AMP Capital NZ introduced three new low-cost index fund for Kiwi investors. They were the; NZ Shares Index Fund with a management fee at 0.33% and Buy/Sell spread of 0.10% All Country Global Shares Index Fund with management fee at 0.38% and a Buy/Sell spread 0.15% Hedged Global Fixed Interest Index Fund with a…

NZX50 Past Percentage Returns table

Past returns and average returns of the NZX50

The year by year returns of the NZX 50 Index, an index representing the 50 largest stocks listed on the New Zealand Exchange.Table of returns for the NZX50. As of April 2020- the NZX 50 has returned 476% since the year 2002. Historically, the New Zealand Stock Market (NZX 50) reached an all-time high of 12107.45 in February of 2020- just before COVID 19- which was…

What is the NZX50?

what is the nzx 50, and how can you make money with the nzx50. list of companies

A common question among Kiwi investors, now more than ever, is “what is the NZX50”? It’s a good question. So here’s a post about what the NZX50 is. So if you already know what the NZX50 is from front to back, then you might want to skip this one. Intro to the NZX50 What Companies make up the NZX50 What…

Can You Tell Me, Should I be Investing?

Can you tell me- should I be investing?

So-how about it, can you tell me, should I be investing? Yes- absolutely you should be investing… Good simple question… …actually it’s a terrible question. It’s really an oversimplify question. And one that everyone seems to have, and that the internet seems to be able to answer with a resounding yes. The question, Can You Tell Me, Should I be…

How to Invest in iShares Index Funds by Blackrock while Living in NZ

New Zealand Personal Finance and Investing blog, all about Money budgeting debt credit cards and insurance for Kiwis NZ

The passive index investing movement has taken off in a big way- in New Zealand, we’re just catching up with the rest of the world- especially the US. The big-name when it comes to Invex funds is Vanguard, but there is also iShares (ETF) managed by BlackRock. We all know what makes passive index funds appealing- they are low cost,…

A lesson Learnt: Emergency Funds and Risk Tolerance

A Lesson Learnt in Emergency Fund -And Risk Tolerance

There are some things in life that you can only truly learn through experience. Right now, what the world is teaching us (at least in terms of personal finance, there are many other lessons being taught too) is just how important it is to figure out our risk tolerance- and the need to have an emergency fund. It’s not that…

Past Viral Outbreaks and the Share Markets Reaction

Past Viral Outbreaks And The Share Markets Reaction

Surprise market crash It’s a tough time to be an aggressive investor- that’s for sure. Covid-19 has turned the volatility level in the share markets up to 11 with share prices dropping almost universally. Many investors are running for the exits as countries suspend air travel and go into lockdown. I didn’t want to write about Covid-19 and the market…

Creating an InvestNow Portfolio: Let’s get things Started

the ins and outs of creating an investnow porfolio

When it comes to DIY investing in New Zealand it’s hard to look past the InvestNow platform. And there’s a good reason for that. InvestNow has zero fees and you can start investing a minimum investment amount is $50, when part of a Regular Investment Plan, or $250 for one-off investments. InvestNow is a fund platform that offers you access to a variety of…

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