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  • What’s been happening in the markets (September 2022) – Weak NZD = avoid US shares ?

    Another month, another portfolio clobbering? In September 2022's What's been happening in the markets article we cover the recent market movements, whether it's a good time to invest overseas with the weak NZ Dollar, as well as heaps of updates to Sharesies and other investment platforms and products. Continue Reading...

  • 7 years of being an investor – Money King NZ’s investing journey

    Hello! Mrs Money King NZ here! Mr Money King NZ has been investing in the sharemarket for 7 years now, so in this article I'll be asking him some questions about his investing journey so far - including his first investment, best performing one, investment mistakes, and more. Hope you enjoy and can learn a few things from his experiences! Continue Reading...

  • 72. An inheritance goes a long way!

    I’ve met countless people who have received an inheritance, yet today they are in a really poor financial situation. It’s what you DO with an inheritance that counts. Will chose to pay off debt and invest. And while his investment strategy back in 2013 was similar to throwing a dart at a dart board, at least he tried. His biggest financial triumph, he said, has been the fact that he took an interest in working out how to grow wealth, he took the time to educate himself, and then he actually took action. Now married and living in their own home in Auckland, with an Auckland-sized mortgage, this 31-year-old couple is still well on their way to financial freedom.

  • KiwiSaver 101

    KiwiSaver for Beginner’s: Kia Ora and welcome back to yet another blog post. Today’s post is all about KiwiSaver. I love KiwiSaver...

  • How I money (2022)

    This is a follow-up to my 2019 article, “How I money”. Some important notes Don’t treat this as a guide. It’s illustrative only. What is right for me will not be right for you. Everyone’s circumstances, needs, objectives, values, and priorities, are different. The title of this article is “How I money” but it should The post How I money (2022) appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Something to help you
  • 6 types of ethical investments in New Zealand

    Ethical investing is an increasingly relevant consideration when it comes to choosing what to invest in. It's about aligning your investments with your values - Many people don't want their money in things they consider to be bad, or they want their investments to reflect how they want the world to look like. But not all investments are built the same when it comes to meeting one's ethical requirements. In this article we'll be looking at six different types of ethical investments to help you decide which works best for you when it comes to your portfolio. Continue Reading...

  • Feeling guilty? Channel it into productive action instead

      Something I often struggle with is guilt. Feeling guilty that I’m objectively much better off than most of the population on earth. For all the privileges I have been endowed and all I have now – especially after the past few years. And then… feeling guilty on the flipside for wanting even more. For ... The post Feeling guilty? Channel it into productive action instead first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • 71. 19 Year Old Goes to Polytech Debt Free

    Being only 19, and one of the younger people I’ve interviewed didn’t mean that today's guest Nathan had less to share. In November of 2022, he will graduate from Polytech with a Diploma in Quantity Surveying, with two years of industry experience, no debt and a job lined up. Added to that, he is also helping to pay for his girlfriend’s tertiary studies as well. He has some big plans for the years ahead and I think his story is worth sharing with high school students wondering “where to from here” as they gear up to leave school.

  • Is Adidas Product Testing Legit? Requirements and Compensation

    If you love sportswear brands, then you may have heard of the Adidas product testing program. And wondered – can you ... Read more

  • Ask Money King NZ (Spring 2022) – What changes would we make to KiwiSaver?

    We're continuing the Ask Money King NZ series with our third Q&A article, where we answer questions from our followers. With this Q&A coming shortly after the government announced (and later abandoned) plans to introduce GST on KiwiSaver management fees, we unsurprisingly had a bit of a KiwiSaver theme with the questions. So in this article we'll be looking at topics including passive vs active management, Simplicity's tax leakage issue, and the changes we'd personally like to see made to the KiwiSaver scheme. Continue Reading...

  • 10 Reasons Your Right Hand Is Itching (Wealth and Luck)

    Do you ever itch your right hand and wonder what it means? You’re not alone! Superstitions abound when it comes ... Read more

  • Does AutoZone Price Match? (2022 Policy Explained)

    If you’re looking for a place to buy car parts, then you may have heard of Autozone. They are a ... Read more

  • Does Wayfair Price Match in 2022? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

    Wayfair is a popular online retailer that sells a wide variety of home goods. One question that many customers have ... Read more

  • Why budgets aren’t boring

    Everyone and their dog has heard that ‘you need a budget’. Often what I’ve seen is that this is only 50% of the equation.I know people who meticulously budget everything and have every dollar allocated but they aren’t getting ahead in life.So

  • What’s been happening in the markets (August 2022) – Meme stocks, KiwiSaver tax, scams

    August 2022 was an eventful month, so in this article we have heaps to cover including recent market movements, the return of meme stocks, proposed KiwiSaver tax changes, investment scams, demystifying some corporate actions, and much more! Continue Reading...

  • Why having more damn fun right now might be the key to getting what you want

    If you don’t believe in your abilities and aren’t totally sold… If you don’t feel whole in yourself, if you feel empty and slightly desperate… If you don’t have confidence in yourself, love yourself, and love your unique flavour of brilliance… If you wouldn’t buy what you’re offering… How can you expect others to? How ... The post Why having more damn fun right now might be the key to getting what you want first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • 70. Our Money, Our Future

    Today’s guest, 33-year-old Freya from Auckland, emailed me because she wanted me to interview more younger women who had their money sorted and also handled their families' finances. From the little she divulged in her email, I could tell that she was on track to being financially sorted, so I encouraged her to speak with me instead! In the space of just seven years, she and her husband have moved to New Zealand from India and starting from scratch, they have got themselves into good careers, purchased a home and had a child. All in the midst of a global pandemic, stupid house prices and being all alone in a new country, I found her so inspiring to speak with. I think you will too.

  • Should you quit KiwiSaver? Our response to YouTube KiwiSaver advice

    Recently we came across a couple of YouTube videos from a New Zealand personal finance channel called Financial Knowledge (FK). In these videos FK makes several arguments against investing in KiwiSaver, suggesting that after watching his videos you might consider reducing your contributions or dropping them altogether. So should you follow FK's suggestions, or are they complete rubbish? In this article, we'll look at some of the claims FK makes about the KiwiSaver scheme and provide our own perspectives on each one. Continue Reading...

  • How We Got Rid of Half Our Stuff and Downsized Our Lives

    Eight years ago, my husband and I were living in a large home with loads of stuff all around us. ... Read more

  • 14 Alternatives to Ziploc Bags to Reduce Plastic Waste

    Ziplock bags can be helpful for short-term storage, but they’re not the most environmentally friendly option. If you’re looking for ... Read more

  • 12 tax myths and misconceptions busted

    "My pay rise will put me into a higher tax bracket, so my take home pay will be less!" "There is no capital gains tax in New Zealand." "Tax refunds are a good thing!" In this article we'll be busting these and 9 other general and investing related tax myths and misconceptions that we commonly see. Continue Reading...

  • Desperation or Power

    The newsletter is a day late, sorry for that. I write this newsletter after a couple of weeks of pondering life. Yes, I’m deep and thoughtful like that. I’ve had my thoughts on financial independence and early retirement challenged by the thought of how much is

  • What Are Niche Websites? Examples And Ideas

    What is a niche website and how can it help you achieve your financial goals?  A niche website is a ... Read more

  • Here’s your permission slip to dream bigger (and the one question to start asking yourself today)

    I used to HATE the question – what if you won the lottery? Ugh. What’s the point?! I didn’t want to dream big because I didn’t like to think about what I would never have – ironic, as this is exactly the same mentality I think underpins some people’s commitment to the ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ ... The post Here’s your permission slip to dream bigger (and the one question to start asking yourself today) first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Does Costco Price Match? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy Explained)

    If you’re looking for a place to get the best deals, Costco is definitely worth checking out. But that doesn’t ... Read more

  • 69. A Financially Complicated Breakup

    Neil has come a long way in life since his move from London to New Zealand in 2005. His one-year adventure has turned into 17 and counting, and year on year, he has continued to learn a little more about how money works. Today he finds himself in his late 40s, a father of one, with investments both in the UK and New Zealand, which he is steadily adding to from his take-home pay and rental income. But it’s not all roses, and the break up of a relationship is also teaching him how to financially prepare for a settlement and let go of what's not important in life, to create space for the things that are.

  • 4 steps to create an incredibly simple long-term investment portfolio

    Imagine you were starting your investment journey from scratch. Say you had paid off any high interest debt, built an emergency fund, set up your KiwiSaver, and now you want to invest long-term - perhaps for retirement, for your kids, or just to build wealth in general. And say you wanted to keep your investments as simple as possible, either because you're a beginner and/or you want to take a hands-off approach? Not everyone wants to deal with analysing financial statements, tax and so on! How would you go about investing in this situation? In this article we'll cover step-by-step how we'd personally go about creating an incredibly simple long-term investment portfolio, and cover the detail and reasoning behind each step. We'll show that long-term investing can be easier than you think! Continue Reading...

  • Is Safe? Is it Reliable in 2022?

    If you’re ever arranging your own accommodation, then it’s pretty likely that you’re going to come across at some ... Read more

  • What’s the best low cost Growth/Aggressive KiwiSaver fund?

    Simplicity Growth, Foundation Series Growth, BNZ Growth, Kernel High Growth, and InvestNow are all low cost Growth and Aggressive KiwiSaver fund options. Investing mostly into shares and providing relatively high growth potential, these funds are best suited to those a long way off withdrawing their funds for retirement or their first home. So which one is the best? In this article we'll take a detailed look at each fund including their fees, what they invest in, and ethical considerations to help you make a decision on which one to invest in. Continue Reading...

  • Investing for young people

    A guest post by LibertasCome on in, the water is fine. Ok, relax I'm kidding. I had the immense privilege to interact with a young go-getter that is looking to change the way young Kiwis and young people around the globe approach money. I came across her

  • Does Nordstrom Price Match in 2022? (Price Match and Adjustment Policy)

    Nordstrom has a great selection of clothes and accessories, and their prices are usually pretty reasonable. But what happens if ... Read more

  • 2 simple ways to combat money stress and recentre yourself

    If you’re in a reasonably stable position but still generally fretting about savings or debt on a daily basis …  that constant low hum of money stress is exhausting.   I’ve learned the hard way that if all your mental energy is expended on immediate money worries and needs from day-to-day, you won’t have any left ... The post 2 simple ways to combat money stress and recentre yourself first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • What’s been happening in the markets (July 2022) – Market rebound?

    July 2022 was a largely positive month for the markets, so could they be about to turn around and take off? In this article we'll take a look at how the markets have been performing, and provide our monthly investment product updates - Opoly is back! Continue Reading...

  • 68. On the trail to FIRE!

    I managed to cross paths with 35-year-old Dani because both of us are runners and seeing the trails she was enjoying always inspired me to lace up my own shoes and head out the door for a run. It’s probably no surprise that when I found out she was also navigating her own path to FIRE, or Financial Independence, Retire Early that I became even more curious and asked her to chat with me. I find that there is always something that tips people over the edge financially and makes them feel annoyed enough to do something about the strife they find themselves in. In Dani’s case, it was the purchase of new curtains to go into their home. The home they bought in an effort to keep up with The Joneses.

  • Four years of investing Four things I’ve learnt

    I could hardly believe my eyes when I received the email from Sharesies. We’ve been investing for four years! What a ride it’s been so far. We are so excited to see where it goes, and as always we’re bringing you along for the

  • “Market cap” can be misleading

    In early November 2021, Tesla hit a market capitalisation of $1.23 trillion (USD). As I type this, its market cap is just under $700 billion. In early November 2021, Bitcoin hit a market cap of $1.263 trillion. As I write, its market cap is just under $370 billion (USD). From a narrow perspective, Tesla’s drop The post “Market cap” can be misleading appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 67. How to Use Your Nest Egg in Retirement

    Sometimes, a minor conversation lights a spark and makes me want to know more about a person. This was the case with today’s guest Zoe. She emailed me a question, which I answered, but what got me interested was how financially assured this recently retired woman from Christchurch was as she actually begins to live off New Zealand superannuation plus the investments she has built up. The thing was, though, it was only more recently that she began to feel more financially confident as she only really started to pay attention to her pūtea (money) when she was in her late 50s, proving that it’s never too late to take control of your finances.

  • Shares and hurricanes

    In 1969, the United States experienced one of its most intense hurricanes in history. It was called Hurricane Camille. It reached wind speeds of 280km per hour. It killed more than 250 people, and caused over $2 billion dollars in damage (in today’s dollars, NZD). Hurricane Camille narrowly missed the city of New Orleans. In The post Shares and hurricanes appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • I used to be afraid of getting older – but no more

      “You’ve changed.” Anyone ever said that to you? I veer between thinking “at the core, people don’t really change” to “people inevitably change, and it’s a given”. What I DO know for sure is that changing your identity is basically a prerequisite to any big, lasting change you want in life. I’ve never had ... The post I used to be afraid of getting older – but no more first appeared on NZ Muse.