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  • Money King NZ’s favourite investment tips, platforms, and funds for 2022

    Happy 2022! Money King NZ is back after a much needed break spending the last couple of weeks escaped from Auckland, visiting family in Wellington and camping in the South Island. Following an exhausting 2021 it was one of the best holidays we've ever had, using the time to relax, eat good food, and see parts of the country we haven't explored before like Akaroa, Castle Hill, and the Marlborough Sounds. We welcomed the new year in Christchurch, joining hoards of early risers at New Brighton Beach looking to catch the first sunrise of 2022 in lieu of the midnight fireworks display that usually takes place. Over the new year many of you may have made goals to improve your financial situation, either by starting to invest or by getting your portfolio into shape. So whether you're new to investing or looking to review your investments, let's kick-off 2022 on a positive note with this article which explores our favourite investment tips, platforms, and funds, which you could use as a starting point for your own portfolio. Continue Reading...

  • 2022 - What’s the goal?

    We’ve made it folks! Happy new year to everyone. If you’re reading this, you’ve made it another year and with a new year comes new opportunity. It’s a time to ensure that you get focused on current or new goals. More on

  • Movies & TV shows I’m looking forward to

    I am copying this idea off Luke Muehlhauser, who publishes “Media diet” and “Media I’m looking forward to” lists each quarter. I wish more people did this – so why not be the change I want to see in the world? Below is a list of movies and TV shows I look forward to coming The post Movies & TV shows I’m looking forward to appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 5 steps to crush your money goals this year

    Looking back over my adult life, especially in the past few years, I’ve pulled off a few things that just didn’t ever seem within reach. Mostly financial, to be fair, but I’ve come to see that the process has always been the same – and I believe can apply to any type of goal. (One ... The post 5 steps to crush your money goals this year first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Can You Cash a Ripped Check? [Answered]

    You may be asking yourself: “Can I cash a ripped check?” The answer is not as straightforward as it seems. ... Read more

  • Books I enjoyed in 2021

    Happy new year! As with 2020 and 2021, I'm starting the year with a list of books I enjoyed reading in the past year, and that I'd recommend to lots of people. These lists seem to be popular with the types of readers I love hearing from! If you read (or have read) any of these The post Books I enjoyed in 2021 appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Most popular articles of 2021

    (Article written on 12 December. Exact figures might change, based on posts and traffic in the last 3 weeks of December 2021.)  This year, I've published 37 articles For the first half of the year, I maintained the cadence I've maintained for several years, of a new article every week, with a few small exceptions. In August, The post Most popular articles of 2021 appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 🧨What a year!
  • Kids and money – building financial literacy and investing on their behalf

    Being a parent is a huge responsibility. We want the best for our children. When they leave the nest, most of us want to have some comfort knowing that they’re well-equipped to be happy, independent, productive people. Part of this picture is being able to make sound financial decisions. As a result there are loads of resources and The post Kids and money – building financial literacy and investing on their behalf appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Smartshares & SuperLife review – The smart way to invest in shares?

    Smartshares and related company SuperLife are well-established New Zealand based fund managers owned by the NZX. Their funds are widely known and available, and chances are you already have at least one of their products in your portfolio. Smartshares and SuperLife primarily take a passive approach in their offerings, providing investors with a smart, low-fee way to build a diversified investment portfolio without the hassle of picking individual assets. However, could their broad suite of funds be confusing for investors? This article takes a look at what's on offer through each provider, the fees, and how they compare with competing funds. Continue Reading...

  • How To Become a Freelance Writer With No Experience

    If you’ve ever wondered how to become a freelance writer, then you’re far from alone. For a start, this and every ... Read more

  • 12 Creative Ways to Make Extra Cash for Christmas

    Wondering how to make extra money for Christmas? That’s understandable, it’s an expensive time of year. Lucky for you, the ... Read more

  • “Money doesn’t buy happiness” – GTFO with your BS!

      Only two types of people say this. Those who have more than enough money, or those who don’t have it and never will. This is what I’ve observed, over and over. I remember engaging in discussion once with someone who has been broke as hell and now does very well for themselves. She busted out this BS ... The post “Money doesn’t buy happiness” – GTFO with your BS! first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • 50 Best Ways To Make Money From Home in 2022

    Most of us have wondered at one time or another whether there’s a way to make money from home. In ... Read more

  • Cryptocurrency 101 – Is it investing or gambling?

    Cryptocurrencies have had another hot year in 2021, with more investors than ever piling in to the relatively new and controversial asset class. This article explores the basics of what cryptocurrencies are, how you can buy and sell them, and whether crypto is a worthwhile investment or just gambling. Continue Reading...

  • Is financial freedom possible in 2021?

    I thought I would review the plan for financial freedom and see if this is something to still pursue in 2021. The world has been through a lot and I think we can all agree, we are a little over lockdowns and pandemic scares. With the scary times come even

  • 3 steps to getting what you want

    (NB: I don’t subscribe to the ‘you can do anything!’ school of thought. There are the realities of the bodies we live in and the societies in which we exist, that we have to work around. But I do believe most of us, if we want to, can achieve way bigger goals than we think ... The post 3 steps to getting what you want first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Should you hustle to make more money?
  • KiwiSaver fund check in – How do the new default funds affect you?

    Six new KiwiSaver funds are launching on 1 December 2021, as part of big changes to KiwiSaver default providers. This article will take a look at how these changes might impact your KiwiSaver investments, what actions you may need to take, and whether these new funds worth your consideration. And if these changes have prompted you to jump into the market for a new KiwiSaver fund, what are some of our favourite options? Continue Reading...

  • Lowering the probability of success can be a winning strategy

    Sometimes, for some people, the smart thing isn’t to maximise the probability of success. Sometimes, it pays to do things that are more likely to fail – where you’ll probably lose money or get nothing for you time. If there is the possibility of a big payout. And you’re in a position where you can take The post Lowering the probability of success can be a winning strategy appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Squirrel Monthly Income Fund review – P2P Lending made easy as PIE

    Following the Vault International Bitcoin Fund, the Squirrel Monthly Income Fund is the second fund issued by IIS in recent months that invests in alternative assets. But rather than investing in crypto, this fund invests in peer-to-peer loans, which gives investors exposure to residential property lending and delivers a monthly distribution. This review covers the ins and outs of the fund, including fees, tax treatment, and how it compares to direct investment into peer-to-peer lending. How might this fund fit into your portfolio? Continue Reading...

  • Is home ownership still the dream?

    It is not beyond the realm of possibility that I currently live in a million-dollar home. 🤯 I remember finally being able to buy back in 2016, and that sense of elation. Even when the pace of growth/price rises slowed, and I admit to feeling a little nervous then, I never had any regrets at ... The post Is home ownership still the dream? first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Portfolio WOF and service – How to maintain your investments

    As a motorist you might be familiar with going through the annual ritual of maintaining your car by getting a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) and having it serviced. How about your investment portfolio? While good, simple portfolios won't require much ongoing maintenance, they're still worth looking after - after all it will likely become one of the most valuable assets you'll ever own. So what might an annual WOF and service for your investments look like? There's no standard checklist or procedure for ongoing care for your portfolio, but here's how we'd approach it. Continue Reading...

  • Kernel review – High quality index funds

    Kernel is an Auckland-based fund manager who launched in 2019, initially with a modest offering of three index funds. They've since refined their product, expanded their range to eleven funds, and are looking to cement themselves as one of New Zealand's top wealth-building platforms. So are they quickly becoming a worthy challenger among the numerous investment options Kiwis have? Continue Reading...

  • 😅Making it through hard times
  • THE FIREHOSE: How I consume and manage media

    I love consuming media. I love reading, watching, and listening – for entertainment and education. We live in a golden age of media, thanks to the internet. At the touch of a few buttons we have access to an uncountable number of books, articles, podcast episodes, videos, courses, etc. At times, it can get a The post THE FIREHOSE: How I consume and manage media appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Due diligence – Do you really know what you’re investing in?

    "More than half of New Zealanders do not search for any information at all before buying financial products". There could be two reasons behind this: One, we're either super confident in our financial literacy and don't need to do any research. Or two, we don't know what information to look for, so we just take a punt and hope everything goes well. We suspect the latter reason is the more accurate explanation for this shocking statistic from Te Ara Ahunga Ora. Doing no research might be fine if you're gambling on an investment using money you can afford to lose. But genuine investors will probably want to stop and do some basic due diligence before investing to make sure their investment is fit for purpose. So whether you're a beginner, or just need a friendly reminder on what to look for, let's have a look at six simple questions you can ask yourself about an investment before jumping in, so you can do so with more confidence. Continue Reading...

  • How to Sell Feet Pics Online For Extra Income (Seriously!!)

    Sell feet pics? What, really? I’ll freely admit that I was also a little surprised when I heard that people ... Read more

  • Branded Surveys Review: Scam or Legit Side Hustle? [2022 Update]

    If you’re wondering what Branded Surveys is all about, this review is for you. We’ll take you through all you ... Read more

  • InvestNow Foundation Series vs Simplicity funds – Tax leakage an issue?

    we'll be exploring two managed fund offerings - Simplicty's funds versus the InvestNow Foundation Series funds. They're both diversified fund offerings, providing investors with a well-rounded investment containing a mix of local and international shares and bonds, all with very competitive fees. While Simplicity has been very successful, accumulating over $2.25 billion in funds under management, InvestNow's Foundation Series funds provide a near like-for-like alternative. With Simplicity's newly announced foray into Build-to-Rent housing and the topic of tax leakage in the mix, could the Foundation Series funds be the superior option? Continue Reading...

  • Can flipping houses make you rich?

    Welcome welcome to another post. So glad you could join me as we take an in-depth look at the world of house hacking. As you know this blog aims to empower the average Joe and Joet to make informed investment decisions in this ever-changing world. We've gone through

  • InvestNow review – The most efficient way to invest?

    InvestNow is a Wellington based investment platform, and have been operating since 2017 with an aim to provide investors with easy online access to a large range of managed funds. While they're a reasonably well known service with an attractive product offering, they haven't seen the same level of popularity as other platforms like Sharesies. So does InvestNow deserve more love as one of New Zealand's best ways to invest? Continue Reading...

  • Optimism for pessimists

    TLDR: High-level thoughts. Less relevant to any specific decision, but more about the lenses through which we see the world, which can in turn inform our decisions.In the last year or so, something weird has happened. I’ve become an optimistic person. This is weird for many reasons, including:The fact I’ve spent most of my 40+ years of The post Optimism for pessimists appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Money porcupines: How to spot (and stop) financial self-sabotage

      Let’s talk about the sneaky, invisible saboteurs holding us back financially. Or, as I like to call them, money porcupines. They’re a defence mechanism. They mean well! They are there for our protection. To keep us safe. To keep us doing things the way we know best, to avoid pain that we learned a ... The post Money porcupines: How to spot (and stop) financial self-sabotage first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • 📈 Portfolio Update Q3 - 2021
  • 33 Best Ways to Get Free Steam Codes in 2022

    If you or your family love playing games, accessing free Steam codes can save you a bundle of cash. Steam ... Read more

  • Lockdown Blues?
  • 8 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses for 2022

    If you dream of running your own successful business from home, have you considered becoming a virtual assistant? A VA ... Read more

  • Just another take on lockdown parenting

    We’ve been lucky to spend more of the pandemic living relatively normal lives than not. I’ve never been so glad to live in little old NZ than I have been the past 18 months. Complaining about being in lockdown right now feels indulgent, so I’ll try to keep the whinging to a minimum. As a ... The post Just another take on lockdown parenting first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • How to avoid bad financial decisions when you are young

    Howdy folks and welcome to another months post. Thanks for joining me here as I try to guide myself as well as other readers on the path that is financial freedom. In today's post, I thought we should look at some key financial decisions that I see many