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  • Sean Hamilton: Structured Debt through Personal Loans

    In Aotearoa we have a deep love of housing to create wealth. It’s become a national past time. This subject holds such sway in the public...

  • Downturns are inevitable (video)

    It has been a while since I published anything. Long story. In lieu of a new article, I thought I’d share a video. Enjoy! The post Downturns are inevitable (video) appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • What if you lost your wallet tomorrow?

      What if you lost your wallet tomorrow? How many different cards do you have? Do you keep any others anyplace else? I’m not sure I will ever have multiple credit cards. I like to keep it simple. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the importance of having access to money in multiple ... The post What if you lost your wallet tomorrow? first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Flint Wealth review – A superior InvestNow clone?

    Watch out InvestNow, there's some new competition in town! Flint Wealth is a new investment platform which just launched in January 2022, and brings many similarities to the incredibly popular InvestNow service - offering dozens of funds from several fund managers, without any account or transaction fees. Could this new fund supermarket be a better option than the incumbent? Continue Reading...

  • Business101: Simran Kaur is overtaking the finance Bros.How can businesses influence your finances?

    Businesses are amazing tools which can increase your income and thus create a larger gap between your expenses and income. This gap is...

  • 63. Revisit with Bradie: Suffocating Mortgage Debt to Financial Independence in Six Short Years

    This is the fourth time that I’ve interviewed Bradie for this podcast! Why do I keep coming back for more? Because I am hooked on her journey from suffocating mortgage debt to financial independence in just six short years. Each time we speak there is an exciting new development and this episode does not disappoint. I’ve also enjoyed following the personal transformation that Bradie has gone through, from feeling significant stress to feeling that anything is possible. Join me in this latest episode to find out where she is now.

  • 📈Portfolio Update Q1 - 2022

    Hi, there and welcome to a newsletter! To those of you who aren't subscribed, please consider doing so. Its free and you can see how we track against FIRE. Hopefully, it inspires you to get going as well. Firstly to all my Crypto enthusiasts...I jest, of course,

  • Can’t afford a house? 5 ways to help you get on the ladder

    Buying a first home is a massive goal for many Money King NZ readers. Unfortunately the requirement for a 20% deposit is a huge barrier for anyone trying to get into the housing market. You'd need to scrape together somewhere around $150,000 just to buy an entry level home in a major New Zealand city. However, there's various strategies and schemes that may help you get on the property ladder sooner than you think. In this article we'll explore 5 ways that could help you to achieve your home ownership goal. Continue Reading...

  • In my neighbourhood

    By: Andrew Turner I loved Kristen’s post about the pros and cons of her neighbourhood so much, I was inspired to do my own! Let’s start with the bad. I  live on a somewhat busy road. There are often loud cars disturbing the vibe. The neighbours on one side have a lot of drama. There’s rubbish ... The post In my neighbourhood first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Charli D’Amelio Net Worth: How Much Is the TikTok Star Worth?

    Charli D’Amelio’s estimated net worth is $12 million dollars. Who is Charli D’Amelio? Charlie D’Amelio is an American TikTok star ... Read more

  • Joe Biden’s Net Worth: How Rich Is the US President?

    Joe Biden’s estimated net worth is $9 million dollars. Who is Joe Biden? Joe Biden is the current president of ... Read more

  • Kōura review – Crypto meets KiwiSaver

    kōura is a KiwiSaver provider who launched in late 2019. They're a small provider with just over $27 million of funds under management, but they do KiwiSaver a bit differently to other providers - they provide a digital advice tool to help investors build a personalised KiwiSaver portfolio, and in May 2022 they launched the first KiwiSaver fund dedicated to investing in cryptocurrency. With their unique funds and features, could kōura be an overlooked gem in an increasingly crowded KiwiSaver market? Continue Reading...

  • The right ragrets

    I first came across the word “ragret” in We’re the Millers. It’s a salty movie from 2013. Jason Sudeikis, best known for playing the titular character in Ted Lasso, plays a character who is the anti-Ted Lasso. Jennifer Aniston also plays against type, as a stripper. It’s not for everyone. It reminds me of The The post The right ragrets appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • What’s the Difference Between MLM and Pyramid Scheme?

    When it comes to multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes, there is a lot of confusion about what the two ... Read more

  • 62. I retired at 39!

    This week I’m sharing the story of early retiree Brendan. We’ve met in person many times now, even more so since he moved to Central Otago in late 2021 and I have always found him a relatively quiet and contemplative kind of guy. So I was delighted when he took the time (because let’s face it he has heaps) to share with me just how, at the young age of 39, you manage to have enough money that you never need to work again.

  • Sugar Wallet review – Clipping the ticket?

    Sugar Wallet is a brand new app which aims to make investing "weirdly simple" with their set and forget investment options. They've had a fair bit of early interest after being featured on the 6pm news, and reaching the top 10 in the App Store charts at one point. So is Sugar Wallet worth using? Or are they just clipping the ticket on existing investment products? Continue Reading...

  • What Is the 100 Envelope Challenge? Is It Right for You?

    Do you want to save more money? Of course, you do! A new way to do this is by taking ... Read more

  • Guest Post: Structured Debt Through Personal Loans

    Today's Guest Post is written by Sean Hamilton. Maori Millionaire is honored to have Mr. Hamilton here again. You Can see his other posts...

  • 42 Cheap Foods to Buy When You’re Broke

    Being a mom is hard enough as it is, but when you’re on a tight budget, it can be downright ... Read more

  • Why money is not wealth

    We made it into another month! How are your investments going? Mine personally is not in the hottest spot with the war still raging on. I had an intriguing thought in the fact that I am hopefully able to point back to these trying times and tell both my kids

  • EV, Hybrid or a normal Gas Vehicle?

    We're doing some research in to which vehicles would be best to use in terms of money. Make sure to drop a comment below and let us know...

  • Teaching Kids About Money

    Teaching children about money is really important because the lessons they earn about money as children, will stick with them for life....

  • When you should check your insurance

    If you get a new job or your income changes. A change in income sometimes causes a change in lifestyle and you should check that your...

  • Planning Your Way to Financial Success: How to become a Maori Millionaire

    Welcome back to another post. Let's get in to it. We all lowkey want to be successful, don't we? Success is pretty subjective because we...

  • What’s been happening in the markets (April 2022) – Big changes at Kernel

    With the abundance of holidays this month, April 2022 has seen relatively little news coming out of the investment industry. However, there's still a number of things to cover in this month's "What's been happening in the markets" article including some big announcements out of Kernel, a new company coming to the NZX, and a new savings product from Heartland Bank. Continue Reading...

  • Become a money boss with these 5 podcasts (there’s something for everyone here)

    This is not a list of your typical financial gurus. Rather, it’s a list of podcasts that will expand, educate, and even entertain you on your financial journey. All by badass broads. I’ve learned so much from women like them. Enjoy! Bitches Get Riches I can only ever hope to be a fraction as badass ... The post Become a money boss with these 5 podcasts (there’s something for everyone here) first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • The future is going to be wild

    What will the world look like in 2050? How will it be different to today?   Lately, I’ve been a little preoccupied with that question.    The reason I’ve been thinking with this timeframe in mind is because, with any luck, it covers some of my most productive years – my 40s, 50s, and 60s.   The post The future is going to be wild appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 8 Finance Books to Read! #MaoriMillionaire

    Kia Ora Whanau! Our most recent podcast talked about 8 finance books that you should read to learn more about personal finance and how...

  • 135 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money in 2022

    You might think frugal living is reusing your coffee filters or giving up avocado toast. But it doesn’t have to ... Read more

  • Guest Post: Credit Cards - How to make them work for you

    Today's Guest Post is written by Sean Hamilton. Maori Millionaire is honored to have Mr. Hamilton here again. You Can see his other posts...

  • The ultimate guide to investment platforms in New Zealand

    Investment platforms are services that enable you to invest your money into assets like funds and shares. There's a growing number of them available to New Zealanders including Sharesies, InvestNow, Kernel, and Hatch. In this article we break down the options, covering what they offer, their fees, and an overview of their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on which to use. Continue Reading...

  • Value Based Spending - What is it?

    Value based sending has to be one of my favourite tools for sticking to my financial goals. It's something I think that everyone should...

  • 33 Legit Stay at Home Dad Jobs to Make Money in 2022

    If you’re looking around to see what stay at home dad jobs are out there, you’re in just the right ... Read more

  • Part 2: Making money through Cryptocurrency

    If you don't know what cryptocurrency is , you can learn this here. There are 6 ways you can make money through cryptocurrency. These...

  • What is the Reserve Bank of New Zealand?

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is commonly referred to in a lot of financial information. Understanding how the RBNZ works and operates...

  • Stocks - How you can make or lose money through them.

    Nau Mai Hoki Mai Whanau Maa! Stocks are a great investment for those who do no have enough money to enter larger investment options such...

  • 61. Revisit with Bella: I don’t want a student debt hangover!

    In today’s podcast, I’m doing a revisit with Bella who I interviewed in Episode 52. She shared the realities of student loan debt in New Zealand and how you can meander your way into student loan debt, but you need to fight your way out again. She explains how she has been tackling her $85,000 of student loan debt and how people are so wrong when they say that interest-free student loan debt just does not matter. Because it does. It matters a whole lot. Bella has not been idle, smashing out $66,000 of debt in just 14 months. Yep, you read that right. If she can do it, so can you!

  • 4 Months in to my Business- What have I learnt?

    Mauri Ora, Mauri Tu, Tena Ra Tatou Katoa. Our Maori Millionaire Whanau has grown crazyyyy of late. I'm so happy that our whanau is...

  • Find A Coinstar Near Me (Avoid the Fee)

    If you need to turn your coins into cash, you may be wondering if there is a Coinstar nearby. There ... Read more

  • The ultimate guide to KiwiSaver funds and schemes

    The options for investing your KiwiSaver money are always growing. Today there's at least 36 different schemes and hundreds of funds to choose from. These include schemes offered by the big banks, active fund managers, passive fund managers, and newer options from platforms like InvestNow and Kernel. In this article we break down the options to help you make an informed decision on what scheme and fund to invest in. Continue Reading...