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  • What’s been happening in the markets (January 2023) – More fee hikes!

    In the blink of an eye the first month of 2023 has already passed! In January 2023's What's been happening in the markets article we have a lot of news on fees, including new details on fee structures for Stake, Sharesies KiwiSaver, and ASB Securities. We also cover Squirrel's new savings product, economic news, as well as what we've been up to during the month. Continue Reading...

  • Emergency funds – Where should you keep your rainy day money?

    An emergency fund is an important tool to have in anyone's financial toolbox. So in this article we'll be covering why you need to have one, how much money should be in yours, and where you should keep it. Continue Reading...

  • Leverage and loss avoidance (thoughts on some recent Property Academy Podcast episodes)

    I am ambivalent about The Property Academy Podcast, hosted by Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight. I listen to an episode every now and then, and sometimes I learn a bit. Andrew and Ed seem like personable, clever guys, and I would probably like them if I met them in person. But sometimes I listen to The post Leverage and loss avoidance (thoughts on some recent Property Academy Podcast episodes) appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Investing for passive income – The danger with dividends

    The potential to earn passive income is what gets many people excited about investing in the first place. It's an attractive concept, allowing you to earn money through dividends and interest while you sleep. So in this article we cover some of the investments that pay passive income, and discuss why chasing passive income through investing might not be such a good idea... Continue Reading...

  • McDonald’s Free Food Survey: Here’s How It Works

    Free food at McDonald’s? Count me in. You might have heard of the McDonald’s survey hack, where you can get ... Read more

  • Investing 101 – A beginner’s guide for New Zealand investors

    January is the time of the year where lots of people are setting goals or reviewing their finances for the year ahead - And for some this might involve getting started with investing. So in our first article of 2023 we'll be getting back to the basics of investing including what it is, types of investments, how to choose what to invest in, and services you can use to invest. Perhaps this article could be the starting point for your investing journey that you've been looking for! Continue Reading...

  • I don’t care what you do with your money. But you should

      I don’t care what you do with your money. Doesn’t really bother me. There are very few – if any – hard and fast rules. Despite what the Twitter bros and their pithy viral tweets might preach…You are your own best steward. No one else cares more about your money than you. I’d rather ... The post I don’t care what you do with your money. But you should first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Not whether, but when

    After avoiding Covid for two and a half years, I finally tested positive in August. It was an interesting experience. Even though I was testing negative, my brain was foggy for nearly two months. Making decisions took longer, and took more bandwidth. The quality of my decision-making wasn’t as high, either. When I was at The post Not whether, but when appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 2022 Finished, another year closer to FIRE?

    When the clock dinged last night, I looked back fondly on 2022 and all the joy it brought into our lives. Well sort of. It was a wonderful year for us as a family. My wife completed round two of bringing a child into the world, and so our son

  • Top posts of 2022

    2022 wasn’t the best year of my life, and it wasn’t the best year for this blog. It hasn’t benefited from as much of my mental bandwidth as other years. I’ve only published a little over 30 articles, which is a lot less than I’ve published in other years. The most-viewed articles were: The 4% The post Top posts of 2022 appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • What’s been happening in the markets (December 2022) – End of year wrap up

    What a year it's been! In December 2022's What's been happening in the markets article we cover Sharesies' KiwiSaver announcement, Sharesies' controversial pricing changes, new tax rules coming in for some US investments, as well as some highlights and lowlights for the year. Continue Reading...

  • Movies and TV shows I’m looking forward to (2023)

    Making a list of upcoming movies and TV shows makes me look forward to the future. There will be plenty of clunkers on this list, but there will almost certainly be some great stuff in there. Plus amazing stuff not on the list! I shared lots more reasons and caveats for a list of this The post Movies and TV shows I’m looking forward to (2023) appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Sharesies’ January 2023 fee changes – Are they good or bad?

    Just as we're all in the process of winding down for the year and preparing to go on holiday, Sharesies announced some massive changes to their pricing structure. In this article we break down the fee changes and see whether they have a positive or negative impact on you. These banks also offer non-KiwiSaver funds, where you can invest your money without the restrictions of KiwiSaver. A step up over their term deposit offerings, the funds allow you to invest in a diverse basket of assets including bonds and shares, giving the potential to grow your money faster. So is it worth investing in these managed funds through your bank? Continue Reading...

  • “Be an asker”

    This article is inspired by another article, “be an asker”, by “Ava”, from her substack bookbear express. I don’t know any more about her, or how I came across the article. I’ll simply refer to her as Ava. The idea Ava discusses isn’t a new one, but she articulates it well. The central idea stems The post “Be an asker” appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Let’s talk about Kids and FIRE?
  • 77. Saving is the new shopping!

    When Rachel told me that she had very recently moved from a super consumer to thinking instead that saving was the new shopping, I knew the story of this single, city-dwelling, dependent-free, self-employed 54-year-old was one worth sharing. Covid was to be the tipping point for Rachel. Realising that when her income stream dried up, she was in trouble financially. Today I’m going to tell you how she managed to stop living pay cheque to pay cheque and managed to catch a break instead.

  • Simplicity review – Could there be better fund options out there?

    Simplicity is an incredibly popular non-profit fund manager offering a small selection of KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver funds. They're the pioneers of true low-cost, passive investing in New Zealand particularly in the KiwiSaver space, launching in 2016 and growing to have over $4.4 billion invested across 130,000 investors. But since then, many new investment providers have emerged, offering funds with similar or even lower fees. So could there now be better options for kiwi investors? In this article we take a comprehensive look at Simplicity's funds, what they invest in, their fees, special features (including their home loans) to help you decide whether they're right for you. Continue Reading...

  • The power of the pause

    A shout out today to the humble pause. That extra beat, that intake of breath. It saves me as a parent, over and over. When I pause and respond rather than instantly react, I’m less likely to snap or yell or lose it. Also, pro tip I heard on a podcast: get down to their ... The post The power of the pause first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Ways to set and stick to your holiday budget with koūra

    Like to create a sticky budget? There are five key ingredients to it. We recently talked about how to ‘survive’ your Christmas spending...

  • How food has changed

    An article inspired by an article! Sometimes, the way to look forward is to look back. The website stacker recently published an article written by Andrew Lisa describing “50 ways food has changed in the last 50 years“. Andrew notes: “the modern consumer would scarcely recognize the cuisine and nutrition landscape as it existed in The post How food has changed appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Ask Money King NZ (Summer 2022) – Best way to come up with a house deposit?

    Who's the greatest index fund manager in NZ? If you had $100,000 to invest, would you put any in a term deposit? What's the best way to come up with a home deposit? These were some of the questions we answered in our 4th Ask Money King NZ Q&A held with our Instagram followers. Continue Reading...

  • Does Costco Take EBT? (Yes, Here’s What You Need to Know)

    Costco is a membership-only warehouse club that offers a variety of items, including clothing, electronics, and household goods. It’s known ... Read more

  • Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

    Prized for comfort and their relaxed, outdoor style, Birkenstocks are bought in their millions the world over. But why are ... Read more

  • Why Is Five Guys So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

    In the fast-food industry, there are a few big players that tend to dominate the market. But there is one ... Read more

  • Risking, fast and slow

    One of my favourite articles of the past year or so is Nick Maggiulli’s “Risking, fast and slow“. It makes a general point that I find myself trying to communicate again and again, especially in the context of investing, but also in other contexts, such as health and relationships. He makes this point by distinguishing The post Risking, fast and slow appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • On summarising articles

    There have been times on this blog when I’ve discussed and quoted articles from other writers extensively. I haven’t done it much lately, but want to do it more often. There are selfish and selfless reasons for this. This article is an explanation (or justification?), and I’ll probably refer back to this when I borrow The post On summarising articles appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • 9 Ways to Save Money on Airbnb in 2023(+ Airbnb Coupon)

    If you love to have a home base while you travel, you’ve probably heard of Airbnb. In this post, I ... Read more

  • Pandora's box well kind of

    Well well well. Look who it is. You’ve come back for more ay? Well, thanks I guess.Today’s post might be an eye-opener or it could mean that I’ve put a fly in your ointment. I might have opened Pandora's box on

  • Does Bloomingdale’s Price Match? (Price Adjustment & Match Policy)

    If you’re looking for a place to shop for high-end fashion, Bloomingdale’s is definitely a store worth considering. But does ... Read more

  • What’s been happening in the markets (November 2022) – Sell all shares before the recession?

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is officially forecasting an economic storm on the horizon, predicting a recession will hit the country in 2023. So in November 2022's What's been happening in the markets article we explore whether you should get out of the market before the recession hits, as well as covering the recent market movements, and other investment product updates. Continue Reading...

  • 76. Part-time work. Full-time life.

    This week I’m sharing the financial life of Ngaio and Ben, a Coromandel couple in their early 30s. They struck a chord with me because I love seeing examples of life enjoyed a little bit differently to most, in their case, choosing to build and live in a tiny home, work part-time, take mini-retirements and do a lot of adventures, which often include a bike. They are rare due to the fact that they have more invested in the share market than they do in housing, which lets them lead a more balanced life. They are an adventurous couple who will give you food for thought.

  • When you feel better, you do better

    Everything is about how you feel. As the Maya Angelou quote goes, people may forget what you said, but never how you made them feel. How you feel influences how you do anything. EVERYTHING. It impacts how you show up. Feeds into what you do and how you do it. To some extent, it’s true: ... The post When you feel better, you do better first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match? Policy Explained

    Advance Auto Parts is a retailer that specializes in automotive parts and accessories. They offer products for both cars and ... Read more

  • Why is Hawaii So Expensive? 10 Reasons

    Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, both as a well-loved vacation destination and as a ... Read more

  • Does Lowe’s Price Match?

    If you’re looking for a place to shop for home improvement supplies, Lowe’s is definitely the store for you. They ... Read more

  • Want Need Wear Read: What is the 4 Gift Rule?

    The holiday season is always a challenge for those of us intent on simplifying our lives. If you are a ... Read more

  • SLB on FTX and SBF

    Various thoughts springboarding from what has happened (and is happening) regarding FTX/Alameda and Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF). I’m assuming you have some knowledge of the situation – if you don’t, this article won’t have any interest to you. I've written/formatted quickly.When the guy who oversaw Enron’s bankruptcy says the following, after seeing things up-close, you’ve got The post SLB on FTX and SBF appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.

  • Understanding the crypto basics with kōura

    Understanding the crypto basics with kōura How many times have you heard financial commentators warn people against crypto investing like...

  • Hedged vs Unhedged funds – What’s better?

    Most investors buy overseas assets to diversify their portfolios internationally. While many people consider things like the tax implications of such investments, one thing that's sometimes overlooked is the foreign currency aspect of investing overseas. That's where the topic of hedged vs unhedged funds come in, which is often a source of confusion for investors trying to understand and pick between the two types of funds. So in this article we'll breakdown the topic, addressing the difference between these types of funds, and the pros and cons of hedged funds vs unhedged funds. Continue Reading...

  • The sweet and the sour

    I have a friend whose mood doesn’t change much. He says he’s a pretty constant 8.5 out of 10 most of the time. He makes me wonder if there’s some genetic disposition that’s at the opposite end of the bell curve to having a depressive personality. If it’s out there, it probably doesn’t get reported The post The sweet and the sour appeared first on NZ Wealth & Risk.