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  • Part 1: NET WORTH

    Welcome to the first episode in a short six-part series. On my blog,, I created a comprehensive Financial Independence Series of six blog posts where I mapped out a plan to help you on your way to becoming financially independent. Because I know that there are some in my audience who only read my blog and others who only listen to this podcast, I wanted to make sure that both parts of my audience got the same information, so what I've done is I have turned each blog post into a podcast episode. Part 1 focuses on ‘Net Worth’. How much wealth do you have right now? If you added it all up and subtracted what you owe, what are you worth? This can be daunting if you’ve never thought about it. However, the objective is not to objectify wealth; it’s to create a level of wealth that makes you feel comfortable and in control of your present and future.

  • 20+Ways to Live a Rich Life on a Tiny Budget

    Living a rich life isn’t just about having a fat bank account. It’s often a mindset and approach to daily ... Read more

  • What’s been happening in the markets (April 2024) – How to recession proof your portfolio

    In April 2024's What's been happening in the markets article we cover some updates to high interest savings products, look at what's happening with Cannasouth stock, and consider how one might approach recession or war proofing their portfolio. Continue Reading...

  • 4 Key Lessons From Someone Who Saves 80% of Their Income

    You must be strategic if you want to save a high percentage of your income. Growing your savings rate (the ... Read more

  • It pays to … do your research and get the facts

    One memory I’ll always remember from back in school, shortly after moving to NZ. Way back when, we were given a maths problem, and we had to insert our own variables. In this case, the price of a hypothetical concert ticket. I was so naive. I literally had no idea what something like that cost. The teacher ... The post It pays to … do your research and get the facts first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • What’s been happening in the markets (March 2024) – Back in a recession

    In March 2024's What's been happening in the markets article we explain InvestNow's new Vanguard fees, compare Kernel's new savings account to competing products, and explore what we should be doing in response to the recession. Continue Reading...

  • 93. Revisit with Nic: In the process of making a financial U-turn!

    Today, I have an update on Nic from Episode 78, released in March 2023. A lot can happen in a year, which I wanted to share with you today. When Nic and I spoke in early 2023, Nic was still very new to the whole concept of personal finance and long after we had finished the episode, I wondered how she was getting on. A year after we spoke, an update email arrived in my inbox. She said it's been an interesting 12-plus months, and they are slowly but surely getting ahead. It seems like a case of one step forward and then half a step back, as on occasions in the last year or so, it seemed her luck had deserted her. But even with some upheaval thrown into her life, plus some pretty ill-controlled budgets, she said they are still managing to pay down debt, lower their mortgage, and increase her KiwiSaver balance. I wanted to share her update because many of you listening will relate to her progress.

  • Ask Money King NZ (Autumn 2024) – Is the NZX 50 worth investing in?

    Should I keep my investments in NZ or move them to Australia? What are your thoughts on InvestNow's new 0.30% fee on their Vanguard funds? Is the NZX 50 worth investing in? These were some of the questions we answered in our 9th Ask Money King NZ Q&A held with our Instagram followers. Continue Reading...

  • 92. An adventurous 19-year-old

    I met 19-year-old Josephine in mid-2023 when she emailed me with some questions about money. I actually already knew a little about her because her Mum and I have been in contact for a number of years, chatting about personal finances over email. Josephine hoped that I might be able to answer a few of her questions too. She mentioned that her Mum had sparked an interest in personal finances in her, which had led her to do a lot of reflecting on her money skills. She had been out of school and working for a couple of years, managed to save up a solid chunk of money and was planning on heading into study in 2024. Her intention was to get through her study with no student loan, which is entirely possible to do, if you plan well ahead. However, there was one small problem. She had caught the travel bug, and with a huge urge to travel, she knew it had the potential to be pricey. Her question to me was how could she balance living in the now while planning for the future and how could she set herself and her pūtea up to do both. So, the emails back and forth began, and I learned enough about Josephine to know that she would make an inspiring guest for my podcast.

  • What’s been happening in the markets (February 2024) – New Foundation Series funds

    In February 2024's What's been happening in the markets article we cover Foundation Series' new currency hedged funds, look at what Kernel has been up to with their savings products, and check out how the markets have been performing. Continue Reading...

  • "How do I raise wealthy children?"

    The most frequent question I get: "How do I raise wealthy children?" The foundation of my answer comes from 'The Millionaire Next Door'...

  • Confessions: some facts about me that might surprise you

      I am a Cancer. It absolutely sums up my personality. I am an ISFJ. Also eerily accurate. I am a dragon. Growing into this – I never at all identified with it, but I’m now stepping up into some of these traits. Especially in 2024, the year of the dragon. Over the past few ... The post Confessions: some facts about me that might surprise you first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • What’s inside Money King NZ’s investment portfolio (2024)

    Curious to see how we invest? In this article we share our financial goals and reveal how we've set up our investment portfolio to support them. Continue Reading...

  • Screw the shoulds

      “You should’ve gone out with him when you had the chance.” So said my friend, back when we were awkward pre-teens trying to figure it all out. The gentle nerd with the soft eyes, big glasses and floppy hair was suddenly cool (I couldn’t work it out – why?) and she thought I’d missed ... The post Screw the shoulds first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • 91. With only $100 in the bank, something had to change.

    In early January, I was lucky enough to have a long chat with Grace, who is now in her late 20s. Grace has been following my podcast since 2019, which is when her money journey did a sharp U-turn as she moved out of about $40,000 of consumer and education debt and onto a new path of saving up to buy a home by the age of 30. Listening to money stories on this very podcast from people all across our motu gave her ideas of where to start because, for her, this whole ‘money thing’ was pretty overwhelming, so hearing from others has been imperative in helping her plot her path.


    Start tomorrow Read lots of books, and then do nothing (read just 1 book and actually do something) Take advice from poor people on how...

  • What’s been happening in the markets (January 2024) – New Bitcoin ETFs!

    In January 2024's What's been happening in the markets article we look at Simplicity's fee updates and Kernel's new bond fund, explore the implications of the new Bitcoin ETFs, and share what's been going on with our investment portfolio. Continue Reading...

  • 90. Revisit with Bradie and Paul: The First Year of Early Retirement

    I’m particularly excited about today’s podcast because it is a revisit episode with Bradie and Paul. This is actually the fifth time we have caught up on their money journey. The elevator pitch for them is that they felt they were drowning in debt just seven short years ago, and now they have just completed their first year of early retirement! The entire point of this podcast is to show you that becoming financially independent is entirely possible. Bradie and Paul did it, Jonny and I are well on our way to doing it, and you can too! Today, I’m really happy to give you an update on a story that keeps getting better over time. 

  • Simplicity vs Kernel – Who’s the better low cost fund manager?

    Simplicity and Kernel can appear to be somewhat similar fund managers. They both offer (mostly) passively managed KiwiSaver and non-KiwiSaver funds with low fees, making them increasingly popular choices among New Zealand investors. But with their similarities, it can be confusing when deciding which fund to invest in - For example, should you invest in Simplicity's High Growth Fund or Kernel's High Growth Fund? In this article we break down the differences between the two fund managers to help you decide which one to invest with. Continue Reading...

  • 2023 - A year in review

    Well folks, if you are reading this. Chances are you made it! A week or so in to 2024 and I am very excited for what the future holds. I quietly celebrated the start of 2024 with my wonderful family. Honestly, my wife was down for the count and I

  • The 2 vital ingredients for your next breakthrough

      A word I’ve been using a lot lately is discernment. Honing our sense of judgement is such a crucial life skill. Discerning what we actually want and the best way to go about getting it. And going into 2024, I think I can boil that down to two things: Awareness – of who the ... The post The 2 vital ingredients for your next breakthrough first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Day 2 Update: 75 Hard

    This morning I woke up with severe back pain. So sore, I ended up spending an extra 2 hours lying in bed... This used to be my reality...

  • The Penny Doubling Experiment: How Compound Growth Can Pay Off

    A penny for your thoughts…and another penny tomorrow, the next day, and so on. What happens when that lonely penny ... Read more

  • What’s been happening in the markets (December 2023) – Goodbye 2023!

    In December 2023's What's been happening in the markets article we cover the last few product and platform updates for 2023 and review how the markets have performed over the year - Are New Zealand shares really a waste of time? Continue Reading...

  • Ask Money King NZ (Summer 2023) – Is buying a house a bad investment!?

    IIf you were to invest in one index fund for the rest of your life, what would it be? Do I need anything else apart from KiwiSaver and an investment fund? What's the best way to invest $100k? These were some of the questions we answered in our 8th Ask Money King NZ Q&A held with our Instagram followers. Continue Reading...

  • Does Publix Cash Checks? What You Need to Know

    Ever found yourself holding a check and wondering, “does Publix cash checks?” Publix, a popular grocery store chain, offers convenient ... Read more

  • Does Costco Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

    Have you ever bought something from Costco only to find out later that the price dropped? Well, guess what? As ... Read more

  • Does Macys Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

    Did you know that sometimes you can get some money back if the item you purchased at Macy’s goes on ... Read more

  • Protect your energy. Honour your sacred NO

      No. Not this. No more. Something powerful happens when you reach that point of no return. When you have finally had enough. You aren’t going to bend and accommodate anymore. Trust. Your. Gut. Your inner knowing and inner voice. No one strategy works for everyone. Don’t feel like you need to follow a formula ... The post Protect your energy. Honour your sacred NO first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Does Nordstrom Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

    Shopping at Nordstrom can be a delightful experience, especially when you find the perfect item at the right price. However, ... Read more

  • Old Navy Price Adjustment: What Savvy Shoppers Need to Know

    Shopping at Old Navy is always an exciting experience, with their wide range of fashionable clothes at affordable prices. There ... Read more

  • Does Kohls Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

    Dealing with price fluctuations can be a bit of a headache, but luckily, Kohl’s has got your back. They understand ... Read more

  • Does Rei Have A Price Adjustment Policy? (All You Need To Know)

    When shopping for your next outdoor adventure, it’s great to get the best deal possible on your new gear. REI ... Read more

  • 89. Creative Planners Working Towards a Retirement of Plenty

    I chatted with Isobel and Sam for almost three hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon. As with all of these interviews, straight out of the gate, we were into the nuts and bolts of the financial lives of this 56 and 57-year-old deeply-in-love couple who are parents to three adult tamariki. Very handily, Sam had sent me a four page Vision Board of their financial and life journey. To sum it up I’d say they are creative planners who work as a tight team towards their goal of creating a really strong financial footing by the age of 60. He said that he is like a balloon, impulsive and trying to float off in random directions, while she is the rock who grounds him. They are finally hitting their financial stride as they work their way towards a retirement of plenty. Their intention is to reach what is referred to in the early retirement community as Coast FIRE, where your already invested money will take you to FI by itself and for Sam and Isobel, the age they will reach this point is 60.

  • Sharesies KiwiSaver review – Switch or approach with caution?

    Sharesies is one of the most popular investment platforms in New Zealand, and in late 2022 they announced their KiwiSaver offering, claiming that they'll be "reimagining the way New Zealanders experience KiwiSaver". As a result they generated a lot of buzz with tens of thousands of people registering interest in the scheme. Now on 29 November 2023 the wait is finally over, with their scheme officially open to the public! So let's take a look at whether Sharesies KiwiSaver lives up to the hype and whether they might be worth switching over to. Continue Reading...

  • How to self soothe when you’re dealing with anxiety (financial or otherwise)

      I’ve previously written about how I had started thinking about mindset work as my full time job. Let me amend that. When it comes to money and life, I’ve realised, regulating your nervous system (that’s brain AND body) is what supports you in making sustainable progress and simply easing the regular ups and downs. ... The post How to self soothe when you’re dealing with anxiety (financial or otherwise) first appeared on NZ Muse.

  • Being good with money

    As a frugal person, I want to literally lose my mind when I hear some of the decisions people make at a young age. Not because I have some sense of superiority but how much long-lasting damage these decisions can cause.I've come across the most guilty pleasure

  • How I changed the rest of my life in just 2 years

    2 years ago, I was in a real mess. I was super depressed, suicidal and I hated life. Despite being the deputy head girl of my school, I...

  • Warrant of Finance - Sign up now!

    Happy humpday team, I have some big news! I am so thrilled to announce that I have launched my new business venture. Please give a big...

  • 88. Birds of a Feather Flock Together

    In this episode, I’m going to be sharing the experiences of Scott and Jane. This couple are from completely different backgrounds and also from different countries. Scott’s from New Zealand, in his late 20s and Jane’s from South America and in her mid-30s. They’ve been together about four years and have settled into life in the Central North Island. Today, I want to share how they have melded their lives together and where they are headed from here. Jane wanted to share their journey to home ownership in the hope of inspiring and helping other migrants who decide to make New Zealand home realise that they can afford to buy their first home if that is what they aspire to do. Birds of a feather do flock together, and although these two hail from completely different parts of the globe, they managed to connect with each other and build a life together.