Past Viral Outbreaks and the Share Markets Reaction

Past Viral Outbreaks And The Share Markets Reaction

Surprise market crash It’s a tough time to be an aggressive investor- that’s for sure. Covid-19 has turned the volatility level in the share markets up to 11 with share prices dropping almost universally. Many investors are running for the exits as countries suspend air travel and go into lockdown. I didn’t want to write about Covid-19 and the market crash. There is already so …

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Are We Drowning in Mortgage and Consumer Debt?

Are we drowning in mortgage and consumer debt Passive Income NZ

Household debt-to-income ratio The world revolves around money. And New Zealand, people can’t get enough of the cheap cash on offer from banks. I mean cheap compared to historic interest rates, borrowing is inherently more expensive than paying with cash outright. The level of debt carried by New Zealand households has surpassed the levels of the global financial disaster of 2008. And it keeps growing. …

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Does Investing Make You Anxious

What is the true risk of investing in an index fund? Specifically, investing in the NZX-50?

I think index funds are the number one investment vehicle you can use to gain your financial independence. They provide you with diversification and low fees. They are passive and the whole process can be automated. That is why I recommend you to also invest in Index Funds.  But aren’t they risky? You probably have the same idea as everyone else who is starting out …

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