How Much Money Do You Have Left?

How Much Money Do You Have Left? The Money Game

I want you to do a quick exercise. I want you to work out how much money you have earnt for your entire life. Adding your income for the last year, back to what you earned when you were 14 years old. Add it all together. (You can log onto IRD to get a summary of earnings for the last few years.) Now, don’t count your investment returns, just your …

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The Myth of Bad Spending

the myth of bad spending- how spending money isn't good or bad

When we talk about spending money it’s usually in absolutes. There’s good spending and bad spending. Spending money that you have budgeted for on healthy food is good and spending money on daily coffee is bad. Impulsive purchasing of consumer items and clothing is going to kill you in your sleep. That’s bad spending. But is it really this simple when we talk about spending? or are we simply missing …

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Are Bonus Bonds Any Better than Lotto?

Are bonus bonds better than lotto tickets

Are Bonus bonds better than buying Lotto tickets? Probably… In a previous post, I tried to visualise the odds of winning the Lotto’s Powerball– and how it doesn’t really make sense to buy lotto tickets at all. The odds are so small that almost anything is more likely to happen than you winning Lotto. And yet- I still purchase the odd Lotto ticket now and then- it’s interesting how illogical …

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Lotto- The Odds Are Against You!

Odds of winning lotto powerball it's maths- why you shouldn't play lotto.

I buy lotto tickets- there, I said it. Not all the time, just occasionally. I usually buy them when the jackpot gets really high- like the recent $32 million Powerball- for some reason, I have convinced myself to only buy tickets once the Powerball jackpot goes beyond $20 million. Because you know- anything below 20 million just isn’t worth my time. But why? Only buying tickets when the Powerball is …

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The Intimidating Aspects of Money- Budgeting and Raises

The intimidating aspects of money- budgeting and raises

Generally us humans don’t like intimidating things, and we don’t like things that give us a different answer than we are looking for. It’s typical for us to ignore these things completely. It’s kind of like that for money. If you really look at your finances for the first time it might be intimidating. You might find that you really can’t afford that new car you want, or you might …

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My Favourite Kiwi Money and Personal Finance Podcasts

My favourite NZ personal finance and money podcasts

Everyone might find themselves with a lot of time on their hands currently. So why not spend some time learning. I love learning. I ‘m a life-long learner. Ever since I can remember, I loved learning about things and ideas. I continued to learn as I grew. I went to university and then post-graduate degree, followed on with a 4-year registrar position That’s an extra 9 years of study after …

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How to Get the Most out of your Travel Money

How to save money on currency exchange while traveling

Do you like to travel? We tend to travel abroad every few years to experience new cultures and visit amazing natural wonders. And I normally travel to Australia to attend conferences or training courses every year. I know, travel is counterproductive towards our goal of becoming financially independent. You might say that travel is our spending vice. Even though spending money on travel will increase the time it will take …

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How to Get Rich by Driving a Cheap Car

buying a cheap car can make you rich in New ZealandHow to Get Rich by Driving a Cheap Car

In the last few weeks, I’ve read a few posts about how much you should spend on a car. Specifically- the question goes like this- how much should I spend on a car given that my net-worth is x. Personally- I think this is an illogical question, more about that later Optimise your Car, Optimise your Life Lets go back to the basics on how to optimising your life. The …

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Can You Grow Wealth on an Average Salary?

Can you grow wealth on an average salary in New Zealand

In an earlier post, I talked about the difference between income and wealth. I claimed that an average person can retire early if they want to. Now I want to elaborate on that point I was trying to make. The point being, you don’t have to have a high salary to create wealth. In fact, you can earn an average household salary and still create enough wealth to provide a …

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Debt Elimination Plan: Snowball or Avalanche

Make a debt elimination plan. do you use the snow ball method or avalanche method

If you don’t have debt, you need to recognize that you one of the fortunate few. Our whole society relies on fast credit and “buy now, pay later” loans to operate. It seems normal for everyone to be in some sort of debt. And once people stop taking on debt, often economies can be plunged into recession due to less spending. The New Zealand and Australian economies are currently at …

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