The Myth of Bad Spending

the myth of bad spending- how spending money isn't good or bad

When we talk about spending money it’s usually in absolutes. There’s good spending and bad spending. Spending money that you have budgeted for on healthy food is good and spending money on daily coffee is bad. Impulsive purchasing of consumer items and clothing is going to kill you in your sleep. That’s bad spending. But is it really this simple when we talk about spending? or are we simply missing …

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Is the “No Spending Day Challenge” a thing?

Is The “No Spending Day Challenge” A Thing?

Recently I came across several posts and YouTube videos talking about the no spending challenge- and how you can use them to save money. They ranged from not spending money on certain days of the week or trying to not spend anything for 30 days. So what is the No Spend Challenge? The idea is that if you’ve been struggling to save money you could assign a few days a …

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How to Get Rich by Driving a Cheap Car

buying a cheap car can make you rich in New ZealandHow to Get Rich by Driving a Cheap Car

In the last few weeks, I’ve read a few posts about how much you should spend on a car. Specifically- the question goes like this- how much should I spend on a car given that my net-worth is x. Personally- I think this is an illogical question, more about that later Optimise your Car, Optimise your Life Lets go back to the basics on how to optimising your life. The …

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Debt Elimination Plan: Snowball or Avalanche

Make a debt elimination plan. do you use the snow ball method or avalanche method

If you don’t have debt, you need to recognize that you one of the fortunate few. Our whole society relies on fast credit and “buy now, pay later” loans to operate. It seems normal for everyone to be in some sort of debt. And once people stop taking on debt, often economies can be plunged into recession due to less spending. The New Zealand and Australian economies are currently at …

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The Time I Nearly Impulse Purchased a TV

What I learnt when I nearly impulse purchased a tv. Finical mistakes Passive Income New Zealand

Earlier this year during Easter I found myself in an electronics store browsing the TV’s and appliances. I didn’t go to the store to buy anything in particular, rather it was just another Saturday morning. Walking back to the car after enjoying a Saturday brunch session at our local. Yes, even though I go on about how you should cook meals at home, I do go out for the occasional …

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Are my Food expenses Normal?

Are my food expenses normal compared to the average couple in new zealand passive income

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about food expenses and how we can minimise them. I’m not talking about going to the extreme of just eating rice or pasta. Rather, minimising expenses while still eating a nutritiously complete diet with a few bits of fancy pants here and there. Everyone knows I love cheese! I wrote a post about a month ago about minimising Your largest Expense- Food (British …

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My Ultimate Spending Vice

Traveling can be a spending vice and expensive extrinsically if you are trying to achieve financial, freedom and retire early but you gain great memories and experiences

We have a vice! A money vice. A vice so large that it can add years onto our goal of retiring early. It is the complete opposite of saving money and growing a passive income, which hopefully one day might replace our salaries. Yet every few years, we continue to do it anyway. Travel! Every two years or so, my partner and I go travelling. Not down the road, or …

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Minimising Your largest Expense- Food

Minimisng-your-largest-expense-passive income nz

OK, so you’re doing something wrong if food is your largest expense. It does usually come in at a respectable second. Well at least in our household. And for good reason- we all need food to survive. As the saying goes you only get out what you put in. So you should spend money on good food. And good food is delicious. So how can you minimize this expense? I’m …

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Home Renovations- How You Can Save Money

Home Renovations- how you can save money by doing the work for you self. And you learn new skill while doing it.

Today is international “National Splurge Day” and to celebrate I am going to share with you a recent splurge I had. It’s a biggy! What is National Splurge Day National Splurge Day is an American thing. I haven’t heard of it before, and I don’t think any other kiwis have either annually on June 18th. It’s a day that is a fun, feel-good holiday. With the idea that you go …

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Why Some People Think I’m Crazy

Saving money on coffee is normally what everyone tells you to do when you start learning about personal finance

Yes, some people think I am crazy, and I’ll tell you why. I drink Instant Coffee. There I said it. I drink instant coffee and I love it. When I started drinking coffee, instant and percolated coffee was what was drunk at home. And that was fine. Instant worked well for when my father, brothers and I had to wake up early to go work on the farm. It was …

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