Everyday Investment Advice: Is it Any Good?

Everyday Investment Advice: Is it Any Good? or is it bad to listen to common everyday investment advice

Sometimes it’s easier to identify bad advice than it is to identify good advice. I find this to be especially true when discussing investing in general- and even more so when talking about investing in shares or index funds. I thought I would discuss some of the advice I have come across over the years and share with you some of my opinions. Now- you may not agree with my …

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The Myth of Bad Spending

the myth of bad spending- how spending money isn't good or bad

When we talk about spending money it’s usually in absolutes. There’s good spending and bad spending. Spending money that you have budgeted for on healthy food is good and spending money on daily coffee is bad. Impulsive purchasing of consumer items and clothing is going to kill you in your sleep. That’s bad spending. But is it really this simple when we talk about spending? or are we simply missing …

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What is AfterPay? and should you use it?

afterpay- should you use it or avoid it- is it better than a credit card

If you’ve been shopping online recently you may have noticed something different when you go to pay. 6 new words below the buy now button. “or 4 easy payments with afterpay”. What do these six words mean, and should you use them? I’m not sure how long afterpay has been around. And I didn’t know much about it. To be honest- I have generally ignored them if I’d purchased something …

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The Value of Education- Net Worth and Income Statistics

The value of education networth and income statistics

Whether or not you should go to university is a big question to ask of someone when they are 17 or 18 years of age. And I don’t think anyone can answer this question for you. It’s a personal decision. The problem in recent years is that the price of university or higher education has been increasing year on year- faster than inflation. It’s becoming more and more expensive. Check …

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Debt Elimination Plan: Snowball or Avalanche

Make a debt elimination plan. do you use the snow ball method or avalanche method

If you don’t have debt, you need to recognize that you one of the fortunate few. Our whole society relies on fast credit and “buy now, pay later” loans to operate. It seems normal for everyone to be in some sort of debt. And once people stop taking on debt, often economies can be plunged into recession due to less spending. The New Zealand and Australian economies are currently at …

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The Inner Workings of a Mortgage- What you weren’t Taught at School

What I was never taught in school about personal finance and mortgages

The schooling system in New Zealand is great, but the one thing it doesn’t tech (at least when I attended) is personal finance. When I finished I knew more about ancient Greece than I did about mortgages and how they work. Sure, I get why learning history is important, but wouldn’t it be better if the schooling system taught more about money and personal finance? Or just other useful day …

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6 Money Pits to Avoid in Your Thirties

Six money pits you should avoid in your thirties

I’m nearing in my thirties, and I know that generally, you’re thirties are the most expensive years of your life. So instead of spending on what is considered socially normal in the next decade, I’ve come up with a list of 6 money pits that I’m going to avoid like the plague. You see, once you hit your thirties you might find yourself with some extra cash. The days of …

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Get Rid of Your Debt ASAP!

Get Rid of Your Debt ASAP!

Let’s be blunt if you have debt you need to pay it off as fast as possible! A little debt, a lot of debt. It doesn’t matter, pay it off!. Maybe your debt’s even gotten to the stage that it has become crippling. There is a way out for everyone with debt. All you need to do is put together a debt elimination plan. And stick to it! The personal …

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Investing and Saving Attitudes in New Zealand

Kiwis attitudes to investing and saving a varied as our landscape- what are your attitudes towards mone

When we hear investing in New Zealand, we automatically think of buying houses. Be it buying our personal home as an “investment”, or buying a property that we can rent to tenants. But there are many more investment vehicles than property out there. The problem in New Zealand is our attitude to investing. So let’s first look at the attitudes of New Zealanders towards money and investing. Recently a survey …

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The Power of Incrementalism

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for NZ personal finance blog Passive Income NZ

Here is another question, where do you get your financial advice from? Do you listen to an expert stock picker on TV or some advice from some other investing guru. Do you listen to advice from friends and family? There are many people who share financial advice who have large ordinances. And they get paid for giving this advice. Many of these investment and financial gurus have good advice. Some of …

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