Passive Income Report: May 2018

Five months into  2018 already! Its seem crazy to me that kids born in 2000 can now buy alcohol- at least in NZ. The year 2000 doesn’t seem that long ago. Anyway…

There is no point in having a goal if you’re not going to measure outcomes. I achieved my first small goal last month in achieving a passive income of $25 per week. At least on paper. I am working towards a goal of $50 per week now.

I thought breaking down my ultimate goal of replacing my income to smaller weekly goals was a good idea. Now, I’m not convinced. Managed and index funds seem to swing quite a bit from month to month. That means one month my portfolio looks great, and the next it looks like doom and gloom.  However, I am going to continue on this path for the foreseeable future to see how it goes. 

How do you break up your goals?

Here are the numbers for May 2018

Goal 2: Earn a passive income of $50 per week

Slowly, I am bringing some diversification into my portfolio. I was always attracted to p2p as it has been returning 11% for the last 3 years I have been investing in it. But since I have been more active in index funds, I have come to realize that they too can achieve that level of returns.

Peer to Peer Lending

The returns from peer-to-peer lending have been great for me so far. There is a lot of stigma that it is risky. But from all my investing, I haven’t had too many defaults. Let’s hope this keeps happening.


Value: $17,357

Weekly Passive Income: $23

Lending Crowd

Value: $5012

Weekly Passive Income: $6

Retirement Fund

3% from my employer and the government tax credit are starting to pay off. My KiwiSaver has doubled in size from last month.  No more money left on the table. 


Value: $1450

Weekly Passive Income: $0

Company Shares

The value of my shares has gone down this month. Knocking $224 of the total value. It doesn’t bother me, I’m holding them for the long run and the six-monthly dividend payment.

Genesis Energy Limited

Value: $3552

Passive Income: $5.00

Managed Funds

Nikko Core Fund

Value: $1456

Weekly Passive Income: $5

OneAnswer Fund

Value: $1411

Weekly Passive Income: $7

Nikko Concentrated Fund


Weekly Passive Income: $5

Fisher Fund

Value: $1470

Weekly Passive Income: $15

AMP Capital

Value: $483

Weekly Passive Income: $2


Value: $241

Weekly Passive Income: $1

Index Funds

Last month I opened several Index funds. I have continued my automatic $400 monthly investment into them. I am a big believer in paying yourself first and automating the process. It gives you no time to be tempted with the money sitting in your account. 

NZ top 50

Value: $952

Weekly Passive Income: -$2

US 500

Value: $455

Weekly Passive Income: $2

NZ Mid Cap

Value: $919

Weekly Passive Income: -$2

Total World Fund

Value: $221

Weekly Passive Income: $0

Europe Fund

Value: $447

Weekly Passive Income: -$3


My Cash level has gone down this month- I spend a large chunk on an extra payment on the mortgage, another on index funds. The rest has been earmarked as an emergency fund at this stage. Although, I am not convinced about the idea of an emergency fund. That’s a story for another day. 


Value: $11,036

Weekly Passive Income: >$1.00


Total Value: $48153

Total Weekly Passive Income:  $64 pw


$64 per week of passive income for the month of May! That’s nearly $10 per day! As I mentioned in the beginning, it has surprised me how volatile some of the index funds are from month to month. For that reason, and because it has been raining for the entire weekend, I have downloaded historical data for one of the index funds to analyse. The data goes back to 1992. This will let me see on average what the monthly volatility of the fund is. This should give me some more peace of mind.  

Goal for June

  1. Increase diversification in my Portfolio
  2. Increase investment- to achieve $12k increase in size for 2018
  3. Research into buying stocks

I need to invest some more of my cash as it currently isn’t earning anything sitting in my bank’s savings account. I will use this to buy some more shares in the index funds. Achieving two goals in one.

Buying stocks has always interested me- and now that there are cheaper options for us here in NZ, it is time to do some research into it. If I was to buy stocks, I would be looking to find divined paying stocks that I can hold for the long run- like my investment into Genesis Energy currently.

*Note: I write these reports to keep myself focused and honest on my goals. A way to keep myself motivated to actively track my finances and investments to help me achieve my Passive Income Goals. I am proud of what I have achieved so far. 

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