Passive Income NZ turns One!

Over a year ago, I posted the first post on Passive Income NZ. And to be honest it wasn’t a great post.

I started this site to keep myself on track with my financial goals and to learn how to write better. My writing skill has improved greatly. And I am more motivated than ever to achieve my financial goals.

And it’s not just my writing skills that have improved. I have learned about graphic design (still not good at it yet), online and social marketing, SEO, and how to run a wordpress site.

I’ve improved my finances by being a part of this great online FIRE community. I read so many great posts from personal finance bloggers. They have really helped me grow personally. So I want to thank all of you who have visited my site!

Tops posts for Passive Income NZ

Here’s a list of my top posts so far;

Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

The Statistics

Although I do look at my website’s analytics- my goal is not to be hung up about them. I don’t want to be the biggest site around. I just want to share my experience and hopefully help genuine people along the way. And I’m proud that I have stuck at it for more than one year. (I have had a previous website that died before turning one, check it out if you like- Radical Radiation Remedy.)


Over the last year, I hope that I have shared a post that has helped you in someway. I want to try and add value to your life through my learning and sharing about personal finance.

I have connected with so many interesting people and learnt so much from them. Some of my favourite NZ personal finance personalities that I have been following now are BlueDollarBull , Your Money BluePrint, and The Happy Saver . And many, many worldwide personal finance personalities.

I know that over the last year my personal finance has improved greatly. By sharing my monthly spending and investment post has really focused me on improving my outcomes. Moving my personal finance tracking onto PocketSmith has really helped me save hours a month.

I just want to thank all my subscribers and visitors for a great first year on Passive Income NZ. I would like to ask that if I have posted or shared something of value to you, that you share this with a friend or family member. I would be very grateful!

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6 thoughts on “Passive Income NZ turns One!”

  1. Congrats on the one year Rohan. A lot of blogs drop off the radar after less than 6 months, so that is an achievement in itself. My blog turns one in about 4 weeks, so unless something drastic happens I might have a celebration too 🙂

    I’m impressed by the ratio of email subscribers in relation to your page views.

    And happy birthday to you too. The 30’s are a great decade.

    • Thanks, Nick. Congrats on one year for your money blueprint too! There’s some great stuff on there now which I see gets referenced on Reddit quite often.

      The blog has become a hobby for me. So much so that I didn’t even notice it had been a year. I’m not sure how I got all those email subscribers. Many seem to be other bloggers I’ve connected with on Twitter.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Congrats Rohan. You are helping to make this movement stronger and take hold. You, Nick Ruth and a few others are making a difference on the FI scene. I’d love to see the way we think go mainstream and rock our wee nation.

    • Thanks Bret. I’ve always been interested in FI and could never find New Zealand specific blogs to follow. As you say I only know of Nick, Ruth, and Ben from bluedollarblue being active at the moment. I’d love to see the way we think go mainstream as well!

  3. Kia ora Rohan. Have read through a few of your blogs posts before, love the analytical approach to questions. I have been planning how to start a blog myself and this post is super helpful in looking at audience, views etc.

    Just wanted to say well done on making it through a year, sounds like the first one is often hard!

    • Hey Mat. I would just say go for it. I had been planning to do a blog for years. This is actually my second blog- I had another one that I just lost interest in. I think my mistake with that one was to watch the analytics rather than do it for fun. I honestly want to help people, but at the end of the day, my motivation comes from me being interest in the topic. Let me know if you start one and I’ll check it out.


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