Mortgage: How do they work?

One of the biggest debts you will ever have is your mortgage. There are many tips and trick on how you can get your mortgage working better for you. Whether it is to better understand how a mortgage works or to increase your payments to lower your interest bill by tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are some recent blog articles related to Mortgages that will get you started.

Should You Pay Down the Mortgage Early or Invest Instead?


Whether you should pay down your mortgage faster, or invest instead, is one of the longest-running debates in personal finance. What should you do with any extra money that you might have- pay off your mortgage, or invest? There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both sides. Sure, you can be completely analytical and run the numbers to get an…

Net Worth- How Do You Calculate It? And is it Worth Tracking?

Net Worth how do you calculate it and is it worth tracking

It’s common to hear about the net worth of billionaires and famous people. Forbes calculates a list of the richest people in the world every year. Take the top 5 in 2019’s list; Jeff Bezos– $113.0 billion Bill Gates– $107.1 billion Bernard Arnault– $106.6 billion Warren Buffet -$86.9 billion Mark Zuckerberg– $74.9 billion Those 5 people nearly have $500 billion…

The Cost Of Housing: to Rent, or to Buy- Regional Data

The cost of housing in New Zealand- Regional Data

One of the cornerstones of managing money is to focus on the big three. The three areas in your life that you spend the most money on. They are housing, transport, and food. If you optimise these three aspects you of your life, you can really speed up your journey towards financial independence. Note I deliberately didn’t say you need…

The Inner Workings of a Mortgage- What you weren’t Taught at School

What I was never taught in school about personal finance and mortgages

The schooling system in New Zealand is great, but the one thing it doesn’t tech (at least when I attended) is personal finance. When I finished I knew more about ancient Greece than I did about mortgages and how they work. Sure, I get why learning history is important, but wouldn’t it be better if the schooling system taught more…

The Most Efficient Use Of Your Money

What is the most efficient use of your money? to invest or to pay down the mortgage

If you have a mortgage, it is probably the biggest debt you will ever have in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount of money you owe may even scare you. So like me, you are probably paying it off as fast as you can.  And it seems logical. Is it better to pay off the Mortgage as fast…

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