Should You Invest in an Electric Bike?

Should You Invest In An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes are all the rage today- In fact, anything electric. Scooters, bikes, cars- There is a lot of hype around all of them. But should you buy one? Electric bikes make riding a bike effortless, at any speed, almost up any hill. You don’t even need to be an athlete to get all the glorious benefits of cycling. And think about what would traffic be like if everyone had …

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Is the “No Spending Day Challenge” a thing?

Is The “No Spending Day Challenge” A Thing?

Recently I came across several posts and YouTube videos talking about the no spending challenge- and how you can use them to save money. They ranged from not spending money on certain days of the week or trying to not spend anything for 30 days. So what is the No Spend Challenge? The idea is that if you’ve been struggling to save money you could assign a few days a …

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My $1000+ Money Mistake

My one thousand dollar money mistake- when credit card companies have your back

Social media puts a strange filter on the world, especially Facebook and Instagram. People are always happy and looking amazing. Everyone on social media is winning at life. Going on amazing trips, partying with friends. Living their dreams. And no-one seems to be messing up. They all have their lives put together and sorted! Well, life isn’t perfect. We don’t all have it worked out. We all make mistakes- at …

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Home Renovations- How You Can Save Money

Home Renovations- how you can save money by doing the work for you self. And you learn new skill while doing it.

Today is international “National Splurge Day” and to celebrate I am going to share with you a recent splurge I had. It’s a biggy! What is National Splurge Day National Splurge Day is an American thing. I haven’t heard of it before, and I don’t think any other kiwis have either annually on June 18th. It’s a day that is a fun, feel-good holiday. With the idea that you go …

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Budgeting Made Easy

Budgeting made easy with online software made for NZ

For anyone who wants to pursue early retirement or growing their passive income through saving and investing tracking your spending is a must. This way, once you’ve set your realistic budget ( I always see people set unrealistic budgets, unrealistic budgets have no real value as you will always fail) you can track where in your budget you are overspending. Giving you a better focus on where your money is …

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