The Difference Between Cheap and Frugal

The difference between cheap and fugal

I think there is a real difference between being cheap and being frugal. The difference might be small, but it’s there. I don’t mind being called frugal- but I wouldn’t say I like being called cheap. And believe me- I have been called cheap many times. “You can afford it, don’t be so cheap- live a little- just put it on finance” is what people …

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The Inertia In your Life, And how it can affect your finances.

The Inertia In Your Life, And How It Can Affect Your Finances.

So let’s imagine its 12 am on a weekday. You’ve got work tomorrow and your still awake on the couch, staring bleary-eyed at the TV. Why? You don’t really know why. Well, it’s Inertia. Inertia simply makes it easier for you to stay sitting there and keep watching rather than getting up and go to bed. So, you keep watching. That’s the power of Inertia. …

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Regrets and what we can Learn From them

Regrets And What We Can Learn From Them

If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that life is uncertain. And because of this new perspective, I’ve started to questions some of my personal finance and life principles. Am I sacrificing too much today to stay the course for a brighter future? Should I be spending more today? Should I get a rental property? Am I working too much? And why has 2020 made …

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How Much Money Do You Have Left?

How Much Money Do You Have Left? The Money Game

I want you to do a quick exercise. I want you to work out how much money you have earnt for your entire life. Adding your income for the last year, back to what you earned when you were 14 years old. Add it all together. (You can log onto IRD to get a summary of earnings for the last few years.) Now, don’t count …

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The Myth of Bad Spending

the myth of bad spending- how spending money isn't good or bad

When we talk about spending money it’s usually in absolutes. There’s good spending and bad spending. Spending money that you have budgeted for on healthy food is good and spending money on daily coffee is bad. Impulsive purchasing of consumer items and clothing is going to kill you in your sleep. That’s bad spending. But is it really this simple when we talk about spending? …

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How Much Time Do You Waste- and How Much is it Worth?

Wasting time- is it worth it in the long run

How much time do you “waste”? I’m not talking about time wasted at work skiving off, or taking an extra-long lunch break- I believe that to get ahead in your career you can’t waste time at work. You need to provide value at work to get ahead. So far this attitude has worked for me. I’m talking about wasting your own time. I waste a …

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Do You Have a Vision for Your Retirement?

Do you have a dream for early retirement

Do you dream about early retirement? The definition of retirement is the action of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. That is why the term retirement and financial independence are often used interchangeably. Both, retirement and financial independence, are achieved when you have enough retirement savings and investment incomes or NZ super to cover your expenses. The History of Retirement Retirement hasn’t actually been …

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Longheld Myths about the Share Market

Long Held beliefs about the sharemarket that are not true. Investing in New Zealand

Certain myths seem to persist over time. For instance- there’s the myth that there is a dark side to the moon. I blame Pink Floyd for this one! There is no dark side to the moon- it’s just the far side. Which has the same light and dark as the side we can see. The share market is like the dark side of the moon …

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Are Bonus Bonds Any Better than Lotto?

Are bonus bonds better than lotto tickets

Are Bonus bonds better than buying Lotto tickets? Probably… In a previous post, I tried to visualise the odds of winning the Lotto’s Powerball– and how it doesn’t really make sense to buy lotto tickets at all. The odds are so small that almost anything is more likely to happen than you winning Lotto. And yet- I still purchase the odd Lotto ticket now and …

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Lotto- The Odds Are Against You!

Odds of winning lotto powerball it's maths- why you shouldn't play lotto.

I buy lotto tickets- there, I said it. Not all the time, just occasionally. I usually buy them when the jackpot gets really high- like the recent $32 million Powerball- for some reason, I have convinced myself to only buy tickets once the Powerball jackpot goes beyond $20 million. Because you know- anything below 20 million just isn’t worth my time. But why? Only buying …

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