We Paid $52K in Debt Last Year

We paid $52k of debt last year, and you can to by using one rule, pay yourself first. www.passiveincomenz.com

In the last financial year, we paid down $46,800 of debt. Plus, my partner paid off her entire student loan- seven years after graduating. That is another $4,800.   I’m proud of that number! I’m not here to brag about it, just to share how we did it.   First, of, we have been fortunate in that we don’t have any other debts.   $52k of debt in one year? …

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9 Money Rules that Guarantee Success

9 simple money rules that will lead you to success

Finance is something that everyone grapples with every day. Yet, like religion and sex, we don’t openly talk about it. Everyone has strong feelings about all three of these topics. But no one wants to discuss it. At least not openly to colleagues or stranger you meet on the street.  Heck, some people don’t even discuss it with their partners. Many people have no idea about personal finance.  We often don’t get any formal …

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Is Your Loyalty Worth $5000?

How I managed to save 5k by changing banks www.passiveincomenz.com

Loyalty is a virtue! It might seem like it belongs in history. In times of knights in shining armour and “loyal subjects” bowing to kings and queens. But in reality, loyalty will help you.   People grow strong relationships on the back of loyalty. Loyal people recognize the importance of the connections they have fostered. Be it loyalty between friends, your neighbourhood, or even loyalty to your country.   I’m …

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