Saving Tips and Tricks

Saving tips and ticks for millennial aiming to achieve financial freedom through passive income

Tips and Tricks on How you can minimise your expenditure and increase your savings. We all know we have to save, be it for retirement, or for a large item such as a house, or even a holiday. But why does it have to be so hard? Introduction to successful saving Saving normally refers to the task of putting money away on a regular basis, normally timed with your salary. Your …

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Are my Food expenses Normal?

Are my food expenses normal compared to the average couple in new zealand passive income

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about food expenses and how we can minimise them. I’m not talking about going to the extreme of just eating rice or pasta. Rather, minimising expenses while still eating a nutritiously complete diet with a few bits of fancy pants here and there. Everyone knows I love cheese! I wrote a post about a month ago about minimising Your largest Expense- Food (British …

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Investing and Saving Attitudes in New Zealand

Kiwis attitudes to investing and saving a varied as our landscape- what are your attitudes towards mone

When we hear investing in New Zealand, we automatically think of buying houses. Be it buying our personal home as an “investment”, or buying a property that we can rent to tenants. But there are many more investment vehicles than property out there. The problem in New Zealand is our attitude to investing. So let’s first look at the attitudes of New Zealanders towards money and investing. Recently a survey …

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What Is Your Largest Everyday Expense?

what is your largest everyday expense, it's not food or rent or mortgage, it is income tax, how does nz income tax compare to the rest of the world

Normally when you ask someone “what do you spend the most money on?” they answer with housing? Or maybe their car- but that’s not you because you know that cars are money pits. Anyway. Some people will answer with groceries being the biggest expense. Why wouldn’t it be food is great. But the real answer, for the “average” household at least, is taxes. Many of us don’t even think about …

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Minimising Your largest Expense- Food

Minimisng-your-largest-expense-passive income nz

OK, so you’re doing something wrong if food is your largest expense. It does usually come in at a respectable second. Well at least in our household. And for good reason- we all need food to survive. As the saying goes you only get out what you put in. So you should spend money on good food. And good food is delicious. So how can you minimize this expense? I’m …

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9 Money Rules that Guarantee Success

9 simple money rules that will lead you to success

Finance is something that everyone grapples with every day. Yet, like religion and sex, we don’t openly talk about it. Everyone has strong feelings about all three of these topics. But no one wants to discuss it. At least not openly to colleagues or stranger you meet on the street.  Heck, some people don’t even discuss it with their partners. Many people have no idea about personal finance.  We often don’t get any formal …

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Why Some People Think I’m Crazy

Saving money on coffee is normally what everyone tells you to do when you start learning about personal finance

Yes, some people think I am crazy, and I’ll tell you why. I drink Instant Coffee. There I said it. I drink instant coffee and I love it. When I started drinking coffee, instant and percolated coffee was what was drunk at home. And that was fine. Instant worked well for when my father, brothers and I had to wake up early to go work on the farm. It was …

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Budgeting Made Easy

Budgeting made easy with online software made for NZ

For anyone who wants to pursue early retirement or growing their passive income through saving and investing tracking your spending is a must. This way, once you’ve set your realistic budget ( I always see people set unrealistic budgets, unrealistic budgets have no real value as you will always fail) you can track where in your budget you are overspending. Giving you a better focus on where your money is …

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The True Cost of Your Consumption

Passive Income NZ

I like to think of money in terms of the amount of time it takes me to earn. When you need to make a consumption, and I mean need to. I tend not to go shopping for the hell of shopping. I can prove this as I commonly wear clothes that I have had for more than a decade. And only really replacing them when they physically wear out. Firstly, …

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