Get Your Personal Finances Sorted in Five Stages

Get your personal finance sorted in 5 stages

It takes time to get your personal finances sorted. And often you don’t know where to start. And the thing is that no one can really show you how you should sort your personal finance, after all, personal finance is exactly that- Personal. However, there are several key stages in personal finance that you do need to get sorted. These are the stages that I have gone through to get …

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How To Save Money on Your Car Insurance in NZ

How to Save money on your car insurance

The team at Cove has offered to pay for the first month of your car insurance if you decide to switch to them using this link. They’ll cover the first month (Up to $100), and they’ll even offer to help cancel your current car insurance policy. Why switch to Cove? I’ll tell you below. I had to renew my car insurance recently and I’d wished I had shopped around more. Optimise …

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Can You Grow Wealth on an Average Salary?

Can you grow wealth on an average salary in New Zealand

In an earlier post, I talked about the difference between income and wealth. I claimed that an average person can retire early if they want to. Now I want to elaborate on that point I was trying to make. The point being, you don’t have to have a high salary to create wealth. In fact, you can earn an average household salary and still create enough wealth to provide a …

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Debt Elimination Plan: Snowball or Avalanche

Make a debt elimination plan. do you use the snow ball method or avalanche method

If you don’t have debt, you need to recognize that you one of the fortunate few. Our whole society relies on fast credit and “buy now, pay later” loans to operate. It seems normal for everyone to be in some sort of debt. And once people stop taking on debt, often economies can be plunged into recession due to less spending. The New Zealand and Australian economies are currently at …

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Simple Money Saving Tips for Everyday Kiwis

Simple Money Saving Tips for Everyday Kiwis

Over the years I have learned about and use many money saving tips that are relevant to living in New Zealand. I want to share these with you! To help you on your journey to becoming financially independent. So here are some money saving tips that will get you off to the right start. Pay insurance annually Insurance is necessary. But remember that insurance if for big unexpected life events- …

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Managing a Debt Problem

How to manage a debt problem

Before you read on, I want to make you aware of a few key points; There are many free services in New Zealand and other countries to help you deal with debt- more about that later. Debt problems only get worse if you don’t address them. If you are hiding your debt from your family, you know it’s a problem. Never borrow more to get out of debt, unless you …

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The Cost of Your 2-ton, Dinosaur Exploding, Transportation Machine

The Cost of Your 2-ton, Dinosaur Exploding, Transportation Machine. Car ownership costs

The general advice to anyone starting to optimism their life is to cut out spending money on coffee and other daily expenses that are not providing true value to their life. I’ve said it multiple times. But in reality, you should start by optimizing the big expenses first. And the two biggest expenses in your life are housing and transportation- if you own a car. To that end, I am …

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9 Mistakes to avoid when getting a mortgage

9 Mistakes when getting a mortgage passive income new zealand

There are certain things that you only learn about mortgage once you had one for a while, after all, Insights are only gain after experiences. Here is a list of 9 potential mistakes you can avoid when getting your first mortgage, or if you are in the process of re-financing.  1. Shop around So you’ve been loyal to your bank for as long as you’ve had money. It makes sense …

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Saving Tips and Tricks

Saving tips and ticks for millennial aiming to achieve financial freedom through passive income

Tips and Tricks on How you can minimise your expenditure and increase your savings. We all know we have to save, be it for retirement, or for a large item such as a house, or even a holiday. But why does it have to be so hard? Introduction to successful saving Saving normally refers to the task of putting money away on a regular basis, normally timed with your salary. Your …

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Are my Food expenses Normal?

Are my food expenses normal compared to the average couple in new zealand passive income

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about food expenses and how we can minimise them. I’m not talking about going to the extreme of just eating rice or pasta. Rather, minimising expenses while still eating a nutritiously complete diet with a few bits of fancy pants here and there. Everyone knows I love cheese! I wrote a post about a month ago about minimising Your largest Expense- Food (British …

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