How Much Time Do You Waste- and How Much is it Worth?

Wasting time- is it worth it in the long run

How much time do you “waste”? I’m not talking about time wasted at work skiving off, or taking an extra-long lunch break- I believe that to get ahead in your career you can’t waste time at work. You need to provide value at work to get ahead. So far this attitude has worked for me. I’m talking about wasting your own time. I waste a lot of my time. Especially …

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Do You Have a Vision for Your Retirement?

Do you have a dream for early retirement

Do you dream about early retirement? The definition of retirement is the action of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. That is why the term retirement and financial independence are often used interchangeably. Both, retirement and financial independence, are achieved when you have enough retirement savings and investment incomes or NZ super to cover your expenses. The History of Retirement Retirement hasn’t actually been around for that long- it …

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Longheld Myths about the Share Market

Long Held beliefs about the sharemarket that are not true. Investing in New Zealand

Certain myths seem to persist over time. For instance- there’s the myth that there is a dark side to the moon. I blame Pink Floyd for this one! There is no dark side to the moon- it’s just the far side. Which has the same light and dark as the side we can see. The share market is like the dark side of the moon for many Kiwis. Mysterious and …

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Kernel Wealth Review + New Index Funds on Offer

Review of Kernel Wealth NZ new global funds

As you all know, I am an avid index investor. I’m generally interested in low cost, well-diversified index funds. There is a good deal of evidence out there that low-cost well-diversified index funds give you the best chance of getting a great return from the share market with little effort. No researching companies, or timing entry and exits of positions- while interesting- I don’t have the time. And lower fees …

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