Investing Won’t Make You Rich

Investing won't make you rich- saving over time will make you wealthy

Today, I’m going to share a truth about investing that some people might not like. One that might not be as obvious to people in recent years. Especially with the rapid rise value in Bitcoin, and weed stocks, and the bull market in tech stocks. There have been a lot of stories around of investment doing very well in recent years. The so call bitcoin millionaires are one example. There …

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Lessons Learned After One Year of Investing

Lessons Learned After One Year of Investing

Since early 2018 I’ve been drip-feeding money into InvestNow. I’ve scheduled an automatic payment the day after I get paid so I don’t get tempted to spend it. I thought it might be interesting for you to see how my investments are going, and to share with you some lessons I have learnt along the way. In the Begining with RaboDirect To be honest I started drip-feeding money into investment …

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May 2019 Journey to Financial Freedom update

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

Welcome to Passive Income NZ, my Journey to Financial Independence. Every month I share how I am tracking towards financial freedom by providing you with an update of where my portfolio is at and how far I am from financial freedom, and how my spending is tracking. My definition of financial freedom is not really the same as everyone definition. It’s not to just stop working, it is much more …

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