End of year wrap up

End of year wrap up 2018 for NZ personal finance blog Passive Income NZ

We’re racing towards the end of 2018. So I thought I would sit down and do an end of year look into our finances. I’ve never done that before. Normally, I stick to doing monthly financial reports. But since I have been serious this year and started to record my progress in blog form I thought I would take a yearly look. I’ve nearly been blogging for a year now. …

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6 Money Pits to Avoid in Your Thirties

Six money pits you should avoid in your thirties

I’m nearing in my thirties, and I know that generally, you’re thirties are the most expensive years of your life. So instead of spending on what is considered socially normal in the next decade, I’ve come up with a list of 6 money pits that I’m going to avoid like the plague. You see, once you hit your thirties you might find yourself with some extra cash. The days of …

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November 2018 Spending and Investment Report

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

It’s December already. How it is December already? The year is speeding by and it’s nearly time to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. It’s also the start of summer, but for three days now all I have seen is rain. I don’t handle being cooped up in the house when it is raining on the weekend. I’m an outdoors kinda person. I wanted to tend to my …

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