Get Rid of Your Debt ASAP!

Get Rid of Your Debt ASAP!

Let’s be blunt if you have debt you need to pay it off as fast as possible! A little debt, a lot of debt. It doesn’t matter, pay it off!. Maybe your debt’s even gotten to the stage that it has become crippling. There is a way out for everyone with debt. All you need to do is put together a debt elimination plan. And stick to it! The personal …

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Will You Be Happier If You Work Till You Die?

Will You Be Happier If You Work Till You Die?

Lately, this Suze Orman character, someone I’ve never heard of, started telling people they will be happier if they work till they die.  Not exactly in those words, but close enough. She does not think the average person can achieve FIRE. And to be honest, the normal person can’t if they were to live like her. Take her opinion on how much you would need to retire “You need at …

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My $1000+ Money Mistake

My one thousand dollar money mistake- when credit card companies have your back

Social media puts a strange filter on the world, especially Facebook and Instagram. People are always happy and looking amazing. Everyone on social media is winning at life. Going on amazing trips, partying with friends. Living their dreams. And no-one seems to be messing up. They all have their lives put together and sorted! Well, life isn’t perfect. We don’t all have it worked out. We all make mistakes- at …

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October 2018 Spending and Investment Report

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

It’s been a busy month! Weddings, bachelor parties, conferences, and since the evenings a longer I’ve been getting out and running. My boss is moving to another city, so work has been getting extremely busy. I’ve found it hard to find time to write! Sure, I have time, but I haven’t had the energy. Quite frankly, I need a holiday! It feels like burnout might be setting in. Time is …

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