Saving Tips and Tricks

Saving tips and ticks for millennial aiming to achieve financial freedom through passive income

Tips and Tricks on How you can minimise your expenditure and increase your savings. We all know we have to save, be it for retirement, or for a large item such as a house, or even a holiday. But why does it have to be so hard? Introduction to successful saving Saving normally refers to the task of putting money away on a regular basis, normally timed with your salary. Your …

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Are my Food expenses Normal?

Are my food expenses normal compared to the average couple in new zealand passive income

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about food expenses and how we can minimise them. I’m not talking about going to the extreme of just eating rice or pasta. Rather, minimising expenses while still eating a nutritiously complete diet with a few bits of fancy pants here and there. Everyone knows I love cheese! I wrote a post about a month ago about minimising Your largest Expense- Food (British …

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What’s Wrong with KiwiSaver?

What is wrong with kiwisaver passive income new zealand

KiwiSaver has now been around for 11 years.  But there are still a few things that I would like to see changed.  I don’t dislike KiwiSaver, in fact, I think everyone needs to join KiwiSaver as part of their retirement plan. There are a few things that could be made more clear so that everyone can understand it better. Total remuneration, tax credits, contribution holidays, and default schemes, these are …

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My Ultimate Spending Vice

Traveling can be a spending vice and expensive extrinsically if you are trying to achieve financial, freedom and retire early but you gain great memories and experiences

We have a vice! A money vice. A vice so large that it can add years onto our goal of retiring early. It is the complete opposite of saving money and growing a passive income, which hopefully one day might replace our salaries. Yet every few years, we continue to do it anyway. Travel! Every two years or so, my partner and I go travelling. Not down the road, or …

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Investing 101- Tips and Trips

Investing TIps and Tricks Passive Income New Zealand

Learn the basics about how to best invest your money to grow wealth and get your money working for you. So you want to learn about investing, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to investing. There is no way it can teach you everything, but what it will do is run you through the basics. Then after that, you will know what you need to …

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What Driving Tractors Taught Me

Driving tractors taught me about personal finance and why you should always tackle easy tasks before hard ones

Many summers ago, during my university years, I was privileged to have long summer breaks. University would finish mid-November, and start in late February.  3 months to enjoy the warmer weather. Except, I didn’t have a holiday. Like many students, I worked over these breaks. Probably more than most. 6 day weeks, sometimes even seven, and generally at least 10 hours days, but several well north of 15 hours. You …

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Investing and Saving Attitudes in New Zealand

Kiwis attitudes to investing and saving a varied as our landscape- what are your attitudes towards mone

When we hear investing in New Zealand, we automatically think of buying houses. Be it buying our personal home as an “investment”, or buying a property that we can rent to tenants. But there are many more investment vehicles than property out there. The problem in New Zealand is our attitude to investing. So let’s first look at the attitudes of New Zealanders towards money and investing. Recently a survey …

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Do Fees Really Matter when it comes to Investing?

Do Fees Really Matter when it comes to Investing

We’re all told that we need to invest in financial products with a low service fee. But what exactly is a low fee? And how much does it actually matter? There is no doubt that the financial experts agree that high fees inhibit the growth of your investment principal. And there is a naive school of mind that associates higher fees with better fund performance. The higher fees charged by …

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July’s Spending and Investment Report

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

This month I wrote about the power of incrementalism. Budgets and spending reports are exactly that, incrementalism in action. Standing alone, no budget or spending report will help you. But consistently doing them will incrementally improve your financial situations.   So even though my reports are the worst performing post on my site I will still do them, because they are there to help me keep my finances in control. …

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