The Power of Incrementalism

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for NZ personal finance blog Passive Income NZ

Here is another question, where do you get your financial advice from? Do you listen to an expert stock picker on TV or some advice from some other investing guru. Do you listen to advice from friends and family? There are many people who share financial advice who have large ordinances. And they get paid for giving this advice. Many of these investment and financial gurus have good advice. Some of …

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What Is Your Largest Everyday Expense?

what is your largest everyday expense, it's not food or rent or mortgage, it is income tax, how does nz income tax compare to the rest of the world

Normally when you ask someone “what do you spend the most money on?” they answer with housing? Or maybe their car- but that’s not you because you know that cars are money pits. Anyway. Some people will answer with groceries being the biggest expense. Why wouldn’t it be food is great. But the real answer, for the “average” household at least, is taxes. Many of us don’t even think about …

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Minimising Your largest Expense- Food

Minimisng-your-largest-expense-passive income nz

OK, so you’re doing something wrong if food is your largest expense. It does usually come in at a respectable second. Well at least in our household. And for good reason- we all need food to survive. As the saying goes you only get out what you put in. So you should spend money on good food. And good food is delicious. So how can you minimize this expense? I’m …

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Peer to Peer Lending in NZ- What’s it all about?

Peer to Peer Lending- What's it all about Passive Income New Zealand

Peer-to-peer lending has been around in the USA since 2006. The year Lending Club started up. It took several more years before P2P came to NZ in 2014. We’re always a little bit behind the rest of the world. This means that P2P lending is a relatively new concept, only just 4 years old. As such, many people are still somewhat suspicious or dubious about it. And this suspiciousness can …

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The Most Efficient Use Of Your Money

What is the most efficient use of your money? to invest or to pay down the mortgage

If you have a mortgage it is probably the biggest debt you will ever have.  In the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount of money you owe may even scare you. So like me, you are probably paying it off as fast as you can.  And it seems logical. Is it better to pay off the Mortgage as fast as you can? Is this the most efficient use of …

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How Sound is Your Financial Lifestyle?

How sound is your financial lifestyle and financial health?

Before you can start to build up a passive income you need to check that your financial life is in order. If you haven’t got your finances in order- you will be fighting yourself to try and save and invest. It’s not the easiest thing to do! Too often, I hear friends come telling me about different investment options and ideas which seem too good to be true. They have …

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What If You Were The Worst Investor Ever

If you where the worst investor of all time would you still make money- and if you used the cost average technique would you make more money

I like index funds. And the more I analyse historical data, the more I like them.   Currently, I have poured over the data from the NZX-50 from the last 69 years. That includes that data for when it was the NZX-40.   This got me thinking, what if you were the worst investor ever?   So let’s have a look. Let’s imagine that you were the worst investor ever. …

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The amount of consumer debt advertising in NZ is Shocking

Is there too much consumer debt? is there too much consumer debt advertising

Last night I watched an American Movie to unwind after reading about some of New Zealand’s financial horrors. Mainly, the level of consumer debt in this country.  New Zealand is now surpassing the level of consumer debt at the time of the global financial crisis. Consumer debt now sits at 168% of household debt to income. The problem with watching movies on free to air TV is the ad breaks. …

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June’s Spending and Investment Report

Monthly Spending and Income Reports Passive Income New Zealand

Hey everyone, how did you June go? Watching the world cup? What is happening! Germany, Portugal, Argentina and now Spain all out. All the heavy hitters out. I’m not sure who to support now! It’s been a month of large splurges for us. We spent a decent whack of money to pay off the bill for the new skylights to get some more natural light in our home. In the …

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