Astonishingly Easy Approach to Achieve 100% ROI

What if I told you there was an easy way of achieving a 100% return on investment

If you are a kiwi you have the option of making a 115.5% annual return on investment. That is more than the highest ever annual return of the NZX 50. So how can you get that return- more on that later. First, let’s talk about the retirement age. Retirement age Here in NZ, the government says the retirement age is 65. It does not mean that you can retire at …

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Does Investing Make You Anxious

What is the true risk of investing in an index fund? Specifically, investing in the NZX-50?

I think index funds are the number one investment vehicle you can use to gain your financial independence. They provide you with diversification and low fees. They are passive and the whole process can be automated. That is why I recommend you to also invest in Index Funds.  But aren’t they risky? You probably have the same idea as everyone else who is starting out investing. “Can lose all your …

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We Paid $52K in Debt Last Year

We paid $52k of debt last year, and you can to by using one rule, pay yourself first.

In the last financial year, we paid down $46,800 of debt. Plus, my partner paid off her entire student loan- seven years after graduating. That is another $4,800.   I’m proud of that number! I’m not here to brag about it, just to share how we did it.   First, of, we have been fortunate in that we don’t have any other debts.   $52k of debt in one year? …

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Home Renovations- How You Can Save Money

Home Renovations- how you can save money by doing the work for you self. And you learn new skill while doing it.

Today is international “National Splurge Day” and to celebrate I am going to share with you a recent splurge I had. It’s a biggy! What is National Splurge Day National Splurge Day is an American thing. I haven’t heard of it before, and I don’t think any other kiwis have either annually on June 18th. It’s a day that is a fun, feel-good holiday. With the idea that you go …

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9 Money Rules that Guarantee Success

9 simple money rules that will lead you to success

Finance is something that everyone grapples with every day. Yet, like religion and sex, we don’t openly talk about it. Everyone has strong feelings about all three of these topics. But no one wants to discuss it. At least not openly to colleagues or stranger you meet on the street.  Heck, some people don’t even discuss it with their partners. Many people have no idea about personal finance.  We often don’t get any formal …

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Why Some People Think I’m Crazy

Saving money on coffee is normally what everyone tells you to do when you start learning about personal finance

Yes, some people think I am crazy, and I’ll tell you why. I drink Instant Coffee. There I said it. I drink instant coffee and I love it. When I started drinking coffee, instant and percolated coffee was what was drunk at home. And that was fine. Instant worked well for when my father, brothers and I had to wake up early to go work on the farm. It was …

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Is Your Loyalty Worth $5000?

How I managed to save 5k by changing banks

Loyalty is a virtue! It might seem like it belongs in history. In times of knights in shining armour and “loyal subjects” bowing to kings and queens. But in reality, loyalty will help you.   People grow strong relationships on the back of loyalty. Loyal people recognize the importance of the connections they have fostered. Be it loyalty between friends, your neighbourhood, or even loyalty to your country.   I’m …

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Passive Income Report: May 2018

Passive Income report for NZ personal finance blog Passive Income NZ

Five months into  2018 already! Its seem crazy to me that kids born in 2000 can now buy alcohol- at least in NZ. The year 2000 doesn’t seem that long ago. Anyway… There is no point in having a goal if you’re not going to measure outcomes. I achieved my first small goal last month in achieving a passive income of $25 per week. At least on paper. I am …

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Spending Report: May 2018

Monthly spending and investment report showing you how my portfolio is going and how it can help you on your journey to financial freedom

May has put new meaning to winter is coming here in NZ. The first few cold nights have started, so it’s dark when you go to work, and dark when you come home. The heater has also made an appearance in my life again. Which is always been a juxtaposition for me between staying warm and saving money. So what’s been happening in May We refinanced our mortgage with another …

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